FH5 El Camino bug

So I just unlocked the El Camino adventure yesterday, but for some reason it isn’t appearing on my map. The game set a route to a random location on the freeway, is there any reason for this?

I’ve got the same problem today. U have to open world map, next u change filters to storys (probably i dont have english version) and u have to go to the top side of the map . There u should find it.

Same thing happened with me the other night. GPS route took me to a map location and nothing was there. Had to use the map filter and find it for myself!!

Let give the QC and QA department a round of applause !!!

Are you sure those departments exist? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Bhaha!! not since FH2 on XB360!!

Alguém me explica como é que eu desbloqueio a façanha de fotografar a terceira estátua em Ek’ Balam?
Já fotografei a estátua 3/4 vezes e não ganho a façanha.

I thought the same about el camino but I found it. Its on the highway furthest north around the middle.

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