FH5 Car Swap List not available?

The list that I’m sure all of us love and appreciate by the man himself ManteoMax now says it’s either been deleted or made private. What’s going on??? I loved this list and used it frequently and I want it back!

Hey Dillinator99, I’ve got you covered. The FH5 Engine Swaps thread is pinned in our new overall Tuning category:

We’ve kept all previous threads but if you had the FH5 Engine Swaps thread bookmarked in a browser you’ll need to update it because of the backend software change.

With the new layout we’ve decided to group community created content (such as shared tuning setups) together and use tags for identifying topics by game. So if you go to the main Categories page look for the Community Hub / Community Content / Tuning category, as well as categories for Photos, Paint, Blueprints, and Videos.

Now that we have the layout set up I’ll be continuing to write up How To guides for navigating the forums. If you have ideas for improving the layout, please provide your thoughts in the Suggestions / Other / Forums Suggestions category and we’ll do our best to improve the experience here. Thanks!


Perfect thank you so much!! I was super worried something had happened with you or the lists. I’ve been using these lists since FH3 and they’ve been such an incredibly useful resource for me so it’s nice to be able to access them again. Thanks again!