FH4 vs FM7 Livery Editor

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Anyone know if they will update the livery editor to the same functions as FM7? The LT/RT snap, mirror and copy to other side features are all missing. I thought this was a great update in FM7, would really like to see it carried over to FH4.

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FH4 Liveries are crappy low res and too much grainy. Definitevely looks a thousand times worst than FM7.

Have to say that isn’t my experience at all so far. I upgraded to an One X but haven’t got my 4K telly… yet… but the few imported & new liveries I’ve painted look much better to me.

One thing I noticed was the marked difference between laying out a car in the the Festival site and doing it at your Home - it’s just miles too bright for me in the festival so I’ll be putting the designs together ‘at home’. However my biggest negative with the Horizon 4 editor is how slooooooow it is when I try to resize a shape on the X and Y axis’ and how long it takes just to move a shape into position!!!

Not a problem though, FM7’s editor is spot on so I’ll just paint there & import the vinyl groups :+1:t5:

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@Midnight … once you see the vinyls in FM7 on One X on a 4K-capable TV … you’ll see a massive upgrade in clarity and resolution. When FM7 and FH4 were enhanced for the One X, the vinyls in FM7 got a serious bump up to 4K resolution while FH3 remained as it was. I had hoped that when FH4 was released the vinyls would have the same quality as they do in FM7. But they don’t … they are the same resolution as they were in FH3. I am seriously disappointed in the quality of vinyls in FH4 compared to FM7.


Have you tried another pair of glasses?

Finally someone who speaks my language. Vinyls in FH4 look garbage. I hope they’ll fix these soon as possible.



Have you tried following a thread? I’d already acknowledged Wildcat’s point of view (which agreed with yours by the way) in the post before your last one.

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Fair enough Wildcat… I guess I’ll have that to look forward to (or not, as the case may be) LoL!!! At least I’ll be geared up for Red Dead if nothing else :grin:

As an enthusiast of good designs I find inexcusable that the liveries still look as bad as they did in FH3. I’d definitely sacrifice a bit of detail in the game world for better designs.

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The livery editor is extremely basic and trash. It needs a complete overhaul from when it was originally made… going way back. It is lazy it wasn’t touched as this is a major aspect of the game for many. What takes 3 seconds in photoshop takes a half hour or more and is a total hack job and still no matter what is not accurate. We need more shapes, more functions, better controls. The community needs to speak out more. Somebody at PG has to have this job. I’m a graphic designer for a living, if I had to use anything like this for work I would find another career.

Just wanted to add a couple of points here:

  • “The community needs to speak out more.” - The Forza painting community has been speaking out for years. There are and have been numerous threads and posts across various Forza forums where the painting community has asked for improvements, features and enhancements to the editor and the livery creation and sharing process in the games over the years. If you take some time to browse the various Paint Booth forums for the games, there are many many criticisms and suggestions for improvements offered up by the community.
  • “Somebody at PG has to have this job.” - Even with all the suggestions out there noted in the point above, for the most part over the years it seems as if all the community’s suggestions and feedback have been largely ignored. The vinyl editor has been untouched over several iterations of the games for years. That is … until this year. A few months ago, new features were added to the FM7 vinyl editor and vinyl resolution and clarity got a significant bump when the One X enhancements were released for FM7. I mistakenly assumed that those same features and resolution improvements would make it to FH4’s editor … but they did not. The one thing that gives me a bit of hope is that the devs have recently come out to multiple sites and forums within the Forza community and have asked us for feedback and suggestions on the painting aspects of the game. There were many responses with lots and lots of good suggestions for improvement. Hopefully they have taken all this feedback from the community and are currently sifting through it to see how they may bring some much needed enhancements to the editors.

What he said.

Coming back to Forza after a very long it’s disappointing that one of my favorite aspects of the game hasn’t been improved in line with what is visually stunning game.

Vinyls Comparison.



In other words…Night and Day. [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D]

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I’ve looked at your images Mr Guest and that must be some extreme example of the problem you’re seeing there. They do look terrible.

However I must be in the need new glasses camp to be honest, when it comes to the stuff I’ve imported from FM7 - they may be marginally lower res but it’s not as bad as your 8 bit Michelin man makes out.



Edit 2nd image was a bit too bright. Replaced.

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@DamMe2006 … I would imagine that moving away from the cars as you’ve had to do to get the full image on those shots greatly reduces the perceived differences in resolution. When you look closely, there is a very significant difference. FM7 vinyls (I believe) are rendered in 4K resolution on the One X while the same vinyls in FH4 simply are not.

Please reference another example from my library below. This is the exact same vinyl group shown in FM7 on the One X at the top and in FH4 on the One X at the bottom. They are on the same car at the same position and angle with pictures taken with the same camera settings and the same zoom level.

fm7_fh4_vinyl_comp by Kerry Hayes, on Flickr


I can also confirm this difference on Windows 10 at 4K/Ultra and 1440p/Extreme settings.

Not good.

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Damn Wildcat, it looks pretty horrible!

Having gone back to FM7 for the first time in a few days, I can see a difference in resolution now. The fact the photo’s from the gallery on FH4 are half the size of images saved on FM7 probably should have been a clue.

Still having tried to do as Wildcat suggested and took a comparison photo with photo settings set to default and as close to same positioning as I could manage - there is a visible difference but one obviously I wasn’t noticing without going looking for it.

I like FM7’s options better. No ability to mirror a logo with one fell swoop anymore. Some other stuff has been taken away but I can’t put my finger on it.

It still baffles me about how the Forza design community are so narrow minded and selfish in regards to this livery designs. And you know what? Worst part is they defend it. Like why are people defending a system that hasnt really improved or make it better since Forza Motorsport 4? I’ve seen many designers who may have spent a lot of time and devotion into this game but there are those who actually prefer to upload their works from illustrator or photoshop to directly apply them instead like GT Sport.

Forza artist communities also have this weird childish threats by shouting “if Turn 10/Playground add the upload function, I am quitting this game” makes it sound like the circlejerk community has never considered to be friendly towards the new comers.

No. FM7 and FH4 livery has not improved and it is still the same with same mundane system with no new shapes or even new system to make designs much easier. Color variations are still limited and layers are limited. If anything. GT sports at least allows more than 3000 layers of art if it used Forza system. I saw those anime liveries for GT Sport, and i can add more decals while throwing in anime art that could have been 2300 layers by Forza livery theory.

While I may enjoy this game franchise overall, Turn 10 and Playgrounds need to realize that some drivers enjoy arts into their cars without needing to put so much efforts since the free time spent is not catered to everyone equally to devote too much into livery.

They need to add upload system and I wont stop making a fuss about it until they do.


By GT’s livery theory, the anime art better be a .svg file of a size not exceeding 15kb. Otherwise, tough luck: you’ll have to piece it together from a number of vectors of that size. Oh, and try making anything out of those decals if you are looking at the car outside of the Scapes mode! FH4’s vinyls not look as sharp as FM7’s, but at least they don’t look like someone threw a bucket of acetone at them.

Anyhow, it doesn’t suprise me a lot that the flip/mirror functions seen in FM7 haven’t made their way to FH4: the new photomode panning options are also gone, and I think they may have hit some time constrains that prevented them from implementing those new functions at launch. Hopefully they will come with later updates, although as usual for this kind of things, it’s better to cross fingers and not take anything for granted.

The greatest shame is the graphics not displaying in 4K even when playing in 4K mode. I won’t lie, this made me (just a wee) less excited about painting in FH4 - but while they may not be as crisp as in FM7, custom graphics still don’t look as bad as in FH3: I’d say it’s two steps back after five forward, and while that’s not ideal (PG PLZ FIX), it’s still acceptable.