FH4 tune rating broken?

I’ve noticed the tuning stats are broken, making some setups unusable anymore because they take a vehicle into higher class.
So far Alfa 33 Stradale seem to have this problem. In the previous update I was using “Grandma Driving”'s S1 900 setup which now somehow turned into S2 901. Why?

It still states S1 900:

And when you try to load it, it becomes S2 901?!

I’ve seen that happen before. Resetting upgrades and tuning to default before loading the tune fixed it for me.

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Install stock tune and then aply that S1 tune and it should be S1. I notice this same problem sometime ago while testing different bone shaker setups for some reason it didint change rim size when chancing tune and that make tune appering S801 instead of A800.


Kudos for working out exactly what causes it, I’ve seen this problem several times going back many months. Have you raised a support ticket to tell them about the cause of the bug?

No i havent send ticket, i have see this bug maybe 3 times so far so it’s not effect me that mutch that i would raise another meaningles ticket. But it’s bit weird bug for sure.

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+rep for both of you, that did the trick! A weird bug it is…