FH4 / The game crashes, none of the methods helped. (Steam)

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At the first launch, everything was fine (except for lags). The game didn’t crash until I finished the first race of the fall season. I rebooted my computer, restarted the game, but nothing helped. I looked for solutions on the Internet - nothing helped. The only thing that saved was to turn off the Internet, but even then it crashes (Approximately every 15 minutes, or at the beginning of any race). Disabled explorer.exe, didn’t help. Likewise, other ways to fix crashes every 15 minutes did not help. I don’t know what to do now if nothing helped. Internet is good, all Xbox services are there, Microsoft Store is there, Windows 10 Pro version 20H2. Teredo seems to work (Checked in the parameters, Xbox Network).

If anything, this is all licensed on Steam, Standard Edition, no DLC.

What error(s) do you see in the Windows Application / System Event Logs?