FH4 Saved Data Cloud Sync Not Working

I got a new ssd. uninstalled FH4 and FM7 off my old one and installed them fresh on my new ssd. My saved game was found in the cloud for FM7. Worked perfect. FH4 though, it says syncing with the cloud and has been sitting at 0% for about 30 minutes now.

Any ideas?

Update: So the sync progressed to 100% and my game started after about 35 minutes, here It just erased all my saved game data. I just lost close to 70 hours worth of progress. Also about 20+mil and 300 cars.

Yep…lost data too…i played up to level 22…then went to my other xbox which was syncing it but when it got to the open world screen i was back to level 8…thats about 5hrs of my life i can’t get back…what is going on. There seems to be some issues with transferring date from the cloud to other xbox consoles. Not sure but whatever it is its putting me off playing the game until they fix it. Don’t want the same thing happening again.

My save file has also gone after the patch.
Hoping there will be a fix to this soon since we payed a lot for the game.
Very unmotivated to even play without knowing the possible outcomes of the save file.

Auction House was not working so I uninstalled the game and reinstalled pressed start it was loading and then it said trouble syncing data with the cloud try again later or play offline I pressed play offline started loading waited an hour something like that then restarted tried again still didn’t work.