FH4 Release Notes: March 12th, 2019 (Series 7 | Summer starts Mar. 14)

[Mod Edit: Content updates typically happen at/after 10am Pacific but the time may vary. Be patient and reboot your tech in the meantime. - MM]

We’re constantly working to improve the experience in Forza Horizon 4. Below you will find a summary of items fixed or improved upon in this content update.

Version Number

PC: 1.264.748.2
Xbox: 1.264.748.0

New Features
Festival Playlist

The Series 7 update adds a new feature called Festival Playlist, starting in summer. The Playlist gives you a clear view of everything that’s going on at Horizon each Season and keeps track of everything you’ve done. Complete it all to earn some of Horizon’s most desirable rewards. This is an all-new way to play!
New Achievements

This update adds 18 new Achievements to Forza Horizon 4, worth a total of 500 gamerscore, which support the features added since launch. This includes the new Horizon Stories (British Racing Green, Isha’s Taxis, and Skill Streak), Free-for-All Adventure and Route Blueprint; plus Achievements for participating in #FORZATHON and completing seasonal content.
Showcase Remixes

We’ve added a twist to two of our most popular Showcase Events! For a limited time only during Series 7, you’ll be able to race against the Flying Scotsman in summer while driving a Ford Anglia in our NINE & THREE QUARTERS Showcase Remix, and veterans of UNSC Fleetcom’s Halo Experience can find a new challenge as the training exercise is re-run in winter, called the ASSAULT ON THE CONTROL ROOM Showcase Remix. You’ll need to complete the regular Showcases first to unlock the remixed versions.
Cross-Platform Fixes

Added 4 Trial Events to Fortune Island, one per season
Fixed an issue where “The Storm” by Notaker would never play on Bass Arena
Fixed an issue where some players were getting incorrectly banned from ranked Online Adventure
Fixed an issue whereby the player’s car would sometimes rotate during pre-race loading sequences
Conditions for awarding influence from Mixer have been changed to favor active gameplay streams
Fixed an Achievement exploit whereby Route Blueprints could be used to obtain the “Better Get Krakken” and “Leviathan Slayer” Achievements in a way that wasn’t intended
Fixed a Credits exploit when switching race type during Route Blueprint creation
Fixed an issue with the Character Customizer, where eye accessories would prevent hats from appearing
Fixed an issue whereby the Showcase Rivals tile was unavailable in the Pause Menu while on Fortune Island
Vinyls are now correctly applied to the front-left door of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR
Added missing cars to the “Upgrade Heroes” Car Theme when Blueprinting an Event
Fixed an issue with subtitles not playing correctly in Chapter 10 of Isha’s Taxis
Car Pass owners are now able to use their Car Pass cars while offline
Various crash and stability improvements

Wheel Fixes

Fixed Fanatec Porsche 911 GTE inverted left and right paddles
Fixed Logitech G27 issue where the left and right paddles didn’t work when browsing through tabs in the Pause Menu


Thank you.

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Not a single issue addressed that the community has been talking about, but hey, at least I won’t be given as much XP for watching Mixer streams anymore. So that was nice while it lasted. On the bright side, if I stop getting Mixer points then the Mixer bar will stop getting stuck on the screen since I’m sure they haven’t bothered to fix that yet.


Exactly. There are plenty of cheats for xp and credits but this isn’t one of them. It does zero harm and gives a nice little boost so it has to go. Unfortunately it isn’t just the mixer bar that gets stuck. It happens with influence, skills, etc and it prevents some other notifications from popping. It only started happening after an update so it should be easy enough to track down the cause. Support contacted me to find out which xbox os version I’m running as if that’s the problem. It’s online so it’s the latest version. I don’t care what their release schedule is. If you start introducing new bugs to the game, you need to stop and fix them before moving forward.


So where is the wallriding fix? Oh I am sorry, a lot of jumps in the Autocross racing triggers the system. How the heck it can be related to each other? I probably don’t understand something in the game coding but it seems BS to me… What developers were thinking about while creating this game? Probably about stacks of cash, cause I still can’t see the “competitive” gameplay happening in the ranked racing after how many month? October, November, December, January, February, MIDDLE OF THE MARCH…


When will this update be availible to PC users? as its not updating through the windows store.

Here’s at least one that I know a bunch of Ranked players have been talking about:

Updates usually roll out around 18.00 GMT.


It’d be nice if giving Car Pass owners the ability to use their DLC cars offline had the side effect of allowing you to close the game while in one and still be in it when you start the game up again.

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Is this why I am sometimes put back in the 69 Charger? I always wondered what was causing that.


Aye, if you’re in a DLC car when you close the game, you’ll go back to the first car you chose when you first started playing (Focus RS for me). FM7 seems to do the same thing. I’d guess the car is loaded before any DLC ownership is evaluated.


Thanks for the post. Have they said what the actual change is to Mixer XP?

All we’ve had is “favour active streams”, so I’m guessing all the AFK 24/7 streams won’t earn as much influence anymore.

I was really looking forward to read anything about a solution for the “completed” bug for seasonal events when the events presented themselves as completed even though we just had season reset. This is especially concerning in regards to the 100% completion of Horizon festival playlist .


You’re missing the big picture. You can now wear eye accessories and a hat at the same time!!

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“Complete it all to earn some of Horizon’s most desirable rewards.”
What are Horizon’s most desirable rewards? …and what is “Gamerscore” ?

Most desirable rewards are the cars that came with the game. I have the dumb 911 PO (I call it dumb because the GT3 that comes with the game is just as fun to drive when tuned) and barely use it but people are actually paying real money on eBay for it because it turns into Forza Hoarders 4 where gathering exclusive time-based garbage is more important than enjoying the game. My point is not that there aren’t some nice exclusive bonuses. It’s that people (including me) lose the plot when it stops being fun because you’re researching what’s out for the week that you might miss or you need to get in-game after a 14 hour day of work/school to score some daily bonus. Or I’ve got 15 emails to get to but Playground is sending daily tweets to remember to get the seasonals done as if it is an assignment.

Look at the answer right above me. Person asking “should I play FH3?” Sure they should, and blizzard mountain is a blast. But one response is telling the individual to realize that 100% completion is impossible. Who cares? It’s a fun game.

Also, what happens when FH5 comes out? So I’ve spent all this time collecting every exclusive car/item in the game and hitting some achievements and now what? I’ve got FH4 sitting on my drive that I’ll barely if ever play again with bragging rights (to who?) that there’s a bunch of exclusive stuff.

Enjoy FH4, just on a minor rant. Also, this is all choice. I can choose to ignore all the exclusive stuff, unfollow Playground, and just enjoy the game. So I’m not blaming anyone.

One thing I want in an update which I pretty much think is impossible to do would be to tell what place I finished in “completed” races so I can concentrate on racing them again. Coming in 10th out of 12, completing the event, and advancing is completely asinine. I just restart the race if I don’t podium now but still no record of time/position.

Gamerscore is a useless metric to show who plays more xbox. No relation to skill.

No doubt they had to prioritise having to fix that Credits exploit, so you can thank everyone who took advantage of it for the delay in other things getting fixed.

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People complained about not getting the 60fp for doing all the dailies for an entire week and now that we have festival playlist, thats an issue? Its a bigger reward for doing the same exact thing. No fix for the wallriders but I dont mind more stuff to do by myself. Save my temper

That has been fixed for a while now. Unless it’s been happening again?

I haven’t seen it listed as a fix in any updates, so I haven’t re-tested it, I just assumed it’s still not working on the basis of no claimed fix since I sent them a video to show it not working.

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