FH4 Release Notes: January 15th, 2019 (Series 5) version 1.236.488

No word abaout mclaren roof, dont we still get that fixed?
Still no garage space upgrade what start to be really ridicolus if we have to wait at least another month.
Fixing one speedtrap cant be exploited how abaout all other speedtraps and danger signs that are full of glitch scores.
New corvette have wrong rims and we still dont get right one.
Sure there is some good fixes but still i dont see any fixes or improves that i would want to see.

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Give them some time, finally they added solo Adventures. It’s not an easy fix as it requires lots of coding and programming.


This game is allready over 3 months old so how mutch i should give them to get this game fixed, 3 years? Yeah they add solo adventure (what should be in game since day one) but only good thing abaout that is now dont need lose because team members dont know how to drive. But i can imagine what kinda wallriding fiesta free for all gonna be.


You’re acting like 4 months is some great amount of time… The game, relatively speaking, is still fairly new. Why would you expect them to be able to fix everything in a 4 month period, in addition to everything else that the PG staff works on for this game? That’s just being unrealistic…


Oh yeah i forgot that we live in 2019 where game industry release half finnish game and then spent next year to finnish to game, like forza 7 starts to be now something that what i except in that moment when i buy to game. Horizon 4 is still far off being that awesome game that horizon 3 was. And fh4 is so buggy mess that i wonder is bethseda made this game. Sure im not except that everything gets fixed right away but pretty mutch every bug that i have face every day since october is not fixed.

@dareocharmer fix abaout wallriding is coming in series 6, so another month for me that online is unplayble.

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Would’ve been nice if they could have increased the garage limit or at least knew that it’s now 2019.

The FH4 database at Kudosprime has 566 unique vehicles and obviously more will be added from the car pass and other sources. Perhaps it’s complicated and of course it would be better to make sure that the release is thoroughly tested before implementation rather than corrupt the saves of millions of users.

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I’m disappointed that the garage size increase isn’t in here. It was teased a while ago and it not being in here makes me worry that there’s some problem or setback. And while I’m glad we’re getting solo adventures, that only solves one of the many issues with mp … which makes me appreciate even less all the shutting down of mp discussion in here. The combination of the two suggests that even if new 10 page threads appear, this is all we’re getting. And it’s a new year and the time for patience is running out. Rivals hasn’t even been acknowledged yet.

If it takes a full year to get the game we should have received at launch, I won’t be here to see it.


I totally agree with you. And abaout garage size issue it’s really annoying that they cant tell us nothing because their NDA. Pretty mutch in every monthly stream they say they want comminucate better with us but i think that is gonna never happend if they cant tell nothing abaout what is gonna happend or when it’s gonna happend.

And i think also that im not gonna see that game what we should have at launch when fixing priority seems to be like this.

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Concerning, nothing about:

  • Garage space being increased
  • Fix for getting the forzathon points for all daily/weekly challenges
  • Improvements for audio to stop it glitching/disappearing frequently (unless that’s included on stutters/performance improvements).
  • The McLaren convertible roof being fixed
  • Fixing the freezing during forzathon live
  • Improving the existing team adventures (although the solo adventure added is appreciated)
  • Fixing the trial rewards bugs
  • Fixing wall riding exploits

If I’ve put anything in which is being fixed I apologise, but I do find it concerning that 3.5 months after release there will be still so many bugs/glitches/multiplayer problems in the game, especially if the following update is not until a month afterwards.


I missed the thread where this was a priority, but, yeah, I realize that xmas is only 350 days away. There were multiple threads of car issues that have easy fixes that should be addressed before visual seasonal drivatar stuff. It’s a new year … time to get it together.


So this Free-For-All-Battle-Royale-Demolition-Sprint/Circuit-Derby will replace Anything Goes. Does that mean there will be no adventures that mixes road racing, street, dirt and cross country events? If so I’m gonna be very dissapointed.


It replaces the tab.

Yes, I said exactly that.

FINALLY ! Finally will this game be enjoyable, the ranked MP is just the worst it probably could be.

I don´t want to rely on random people… As you can see there´s ZERO progress despite ending nearly always in top 3

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Take it from someone who’s league 9 in road racing, league 5 for anything goes. You’re saving yourself alot of misery by avoiding the team online stuff. I forge through because Forza is all I play but it will get your blood boiling finishing first but your team races poorly. I cant wait for the solo adventure

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Sorry, my sarcasm detector wasn’t switched on

Edit. Directed at 2 posts above.

I was not being sarcastic. There is no tab for dirt only adventures, right? Yet there are dirt only adventures. So in theory there could be some mixed adventures in Free-For-All. Even though I find it unlikely and of course these mixed adventures would not include games since games are team based.

hoping for a collision free option

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Hopefully. After the major fail of “Team Adventure”, they really need to start making smarter decisions. Not everybody enjoys the demolition derby collisions on option. “Collisions Off” please!


I would like to have seeen a few other changes instead of if the nose fit properly, like being able to sort cars by tire types in the proper season.
I enter a summer dirt race, got snow tires on, the ability to sort for snow tires when I should have rally tires.
Enter a winter dirt race, not really sure what tires will show up,rally or snow, there is no option to sort by snow tires either.
Not as big of a deal as a broken reindeer nose, I understand that, but the whole system just seems backwards.

Didn’t see nothing mentioned about wallriders.
I guess I will have master the art of wallriding next, still working on defensive combat skills. But if I’m doing single player, I’m riding the walls with the best and fastest in the game.