FH4(PC) Continues to download past Size

i have downloaded 64gb of the game when it supposed to be 28 gb
i have done everything
restarted system, wsreset , uninstalled store,signed out,tried admin mode,tried saving game on other drives,different internet connection
what happens is even after i cancel the download and attempt a fresh new download , it resumes from that 60gb
i have cleared cache of the Microsoft store and still having an issue please someone help


I recently had the same issue, and I looked for hours in google, youtube and everywhere to find an answer to that issue and then i found this website: https://windowsreport.co…ore-app-download-stuck/

In this website there are 7 methods on how to fix this issue for me personally the last method worked and he it is:
Solution 7 – Restart Windows update services
Finally, if none of the previously recommended solutions got you going, there’s still one final solution. This is a usual workaround used in Windows Update issues. Since this problem might as well be closely related to updating features, it should help you address the downloading problem, too.

Follow the instructions below and you should be able to resolve your problem:

Type services.msc in the Search Bar and open Services.
Navigate to the Windows Update service, right-click on it and click Stop.windows store app download stuck
Now, navigate to C:Windows and locate SoftwareDistribution folder.
Right-click on it and rename it to SoftwareDistributionOLD or any other name.
Now, get back to Services and start the Windows Update service again.
Get back to the Store and look for changes.
That should do it. We certainly hope this article was informative and helpful read. In addition, if you have questions or suggestions, make sure to tell us in the comments section below.

Hope I helped you, If the method here didn’t work for you, you can get in the website and try the other 6 methods, maybe they would work better.