[FH4] My FPS Suddenly Dropped 60 to 20

I was played this game like 2 months with 60 fps but last month my fps suddenly dropped to 20. Nothing changed on my PC and tried everything like reinstalled the game, reinstalled the graphic drivers, disabled all DLC’s, updated windows, checked integrity of game files. It’s just on Steam version. I tried windows store version i can play 60 fps.

My PC spec is;
Amd fx-8150
Amd HD 7850 1GB
8GB Ram

Just doesn’t sound right, or make sense.

The graphic settings are the same?

NVidia optimization controls the Steam client maybe?

Why do you own the game on PC. through two providers,… just play the Windows Store version then?

(Maybe they conflict some how???)

There is a million things this could be, but I’ll leave you to the Google & YouTube digging.