FH4 Gameplay network issues

When I load up FH4 after about 2 minutes of playing I keep getting an error message reading ‘Due to network problems, unable to connect to the game server at this time’.

This is preventing me from doing any races/events, even when I’m at the exact location. Only way to get it to work is if I try to reconnect to the server which is again only temporary as I then get the error message back. Anyone else having the same issues or know a fix?

Have checked my internet connection to the Xbox & this is fine.

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Yes, same by me since yesterday afternoon. It’s really annoying. My Xbox is connected via LAN, everything is ok, other games are working perfectly except FH4 :frowning:

Same by me since yesterday afternoon. Xbox is connected via LAN, no problems with connection in other games, except FH4 :frowning:

According to Microsoft they’re having issues with their live services, but it’s showing as fixed now but still having the same issue :thinking: