FH4 - Cant share Livery!? Why?

To start of, I am no expert at making liveries. I tried making a livery for the Alfa Romeo 155 Q4 which I’m happy with. Until I couldn’t share it to friends or to the public.

Has just an Lock on the livery and Privacy is set on Private. I am 100% sure its all made by me, sometimes I put the manufacturer logos on the car but that has NEVER been a problem before when trying to share.

I click on the livery and all I get is Load Design, I’ve tried making a 2nd save with a different name. Even tried taking off decals that where made by ME but was made in a different Forza (FH3). It all didn’t work.

I’m honestly tired of this. It’s seriously annoying that you spend time on something and you make sure its 100% your’s, for it to then end up being LoCkEd.

Please forza, if you want fans to be happy with their “livery making”, then ad like some message that says “[this and that] is concidered not your’s” or whatever.