FH4 ban for no reason and frustration at communications


So, I recently had my saves corrupted and opened up a support request. They advised me to delete my saves and restart the game - at which point they would reimburse my inventory.

I did this. I then received a message that I was (perma) banned for a list of possible reasons (it looked auto generated tbh).

On the in-game message centre it said I had 999999999 credits uncounted for.

I do have a LOT of credits but they have only been accrued genuinely and I have never ever cheated.

Whenever I ask for help/ban overturn/review/appeal I just keep getting the same (automated) reply.

I’ve tried emailing, tweeting, even phoning a (wrong) number in America to try to speak to someone.

Can anyone give some advise on what I can do please?

I am a 100% genuine and extensive player of Forza Horizon 4 and really need this ban overturned.

What can you do? if they ignore your tickets, as i suspect, there is nothing you or anyone can do… the support team is pretty incompetent and they rather mark your problem as solved or ignore it instead of actually doing their job. I have many problems with the game, including that awful bug where you cant claim any gift, and it wont matter how many tickets i send to them, they always mark them as solved and they call it a day. So there is nothing anyone can do as long as they dont do their jobs. But hey!! people is excited to buy another forza title!!! and as long as this keeps happening, support in this game will be completely inexistent.