FH301 although I have the latest drivers

Found drivers come up as -1,-1. I clean reinstalled my drivers but it still didn’t work. I pressed Ignore and Continue, the game opened up but it gets stuck on Loading Please Wait if I press Start Game or Accessibility Settings. I submitted multiple tickets but they keep saying they can’t help coz it is not an in-game issue although it clearly is. How do I fix this?

Did you install standard Nvidia Drivers or the DCH version? reinstall and during installation select “perform a clean installation”
Did you try running the game as Administrator?

Alternatively you can try DDU Display Driver Uninstaller to really do a super clean install.

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I did the super clean install using DDU and I have DCH Nvidia drivers. I’m also running the game as administrator but it just doesn’t work.

Another question, do you have a integrated graphics card also (in the motherboard)? if yes, try to disable it in the BIOS or in Windows, or make sure your Nvidia Card is the primary card (it should not be automatic).

Try to install the vc redistributables.


Last thing you can also try is a clean boot of Windows (some security software or other software could interfere with the game).

Did all that. Guess I’ll have to do a clean reinstall of Windows.