FH3 wheelspins

Im nearly level 200 now and i have never seen a skills or xp boost horizon car is this a problem other people are facing as well, do you need a dlc of some sort to be able to get these cars as i have now about 12 horizon cars and they are all credits or drift boost not one is xp car. i would say that i have gone though 300 to 350 wheel spins and its never been an opinion for me to be able to win one of the better horizon cars.

There have been a number of discussions about this recently already. Back in October/November, an update came out and with it, completely changed the wheelspins. How or why, who knows, but it did. One HE car you missed as it was in a previous Forzathon. There’s no DLC needed except for one. One you will get by getting all the stars on Blizzard Mountain. All the others, you’ll have to win from the AH (some are 2-4mil+), find in a wheelspin (the few that are left there), and any others are at the mercy of developer’s generosity/concern.

There were like 3 HE cars in the past forzathons. A Subaru Brat, Ford Raptor, Ford GT.

But the wheelspins payouts got changed that’s true. In September, October I remember getting a HE car every few spins.

You must have been one of the lucky ones
I won only 3 by the time I reached level 200 in October
Bought most in the auction house for about 400k

I think it’s pretty shady how they’ve handled the entire HE wheel spin deal and I’m not alone in that opinion. So in other words unless you were a day one player using the game in the first month of release you’re out of luck unless you want to pay out the nose in the auctions. All of those cars were removed within the first month or two after the game came out. I got this game just after Xmas and I too am closing in on level 200 with no sign of XP or skills cars even as potential prizes on spins. I’m hoping they come out with some kind of fix in the next content update, I mean seriously, we aren’t playing a 5 year old game and wanting an update. The game is still within its DLC cycle and FM7 hasn’t even been announced yet.


im playing since it was released, and the wheelspin was far more generous before. now it´s a festival of 2.000 and stupid usual cars.

playground games just messed it all.


I believe the skills and xp he cars were removed due to the exploits that people were using them for in the first month or so prior to being patched. Such as the drift tap wall grinding people were exploiting, so they nerfed the upcoming he cars as well by changing them from skills or xp to a different boost (such as the Lamborghini and mini if I recall correctly).

For the price of the older he cars you might as well use the regular version because over the span of the car it’s probably not going to equal the few million credits you spent for the he version. I got rid of most of my he cars because i felt myself only using them and limiting myself to a few cars rather than trying all of them out. The only two I regularly use is the 302 mustang for Goliath and the m4 because I would use that car frequently even if it was the standard version

That’s a fair point…I like the HE cars because you could get the tirewriting on them, even without Widebody options and so on…but as we have them now anyways, I might go that route for some credits…

I went ages without winning a single car on wheelspins, let alone a HE one! Then randomly last night I won two HE cars in a row. It is completely random, but I wish it would be a bit cleaner and display your chances of winning a car. Perhaps in future editions they could make is so that every 10 levels you level up you get an increased chance of winning one or something.

Wheelspins were never generous with HE cars, but most people were getting their first one from spins before level 50, certainly before level 100.

It does seem like the chance have been reduced quite a lot now though.

Winning HE cars from wheel spins are your best bet. I constantly still win HE cars from wheels spins. If you want wheel spins, the best way to level up is to do a 10-15 lap race around the Goliath, in a car that you can control with ease.

When I’m not at work I have a lot of free time on my hands. I’ve owned the game since it’s been released, and since I bought the Ultimate Edition, I’ve been playing since the 4 day early release.

So I’ll do something that’ll give me wheel spins. Doing the Goliath is your best if you want wheel spins. I’ve done 50 laps of the Goliath twice, 25 laps consecutively, 12 laps, and 10 laps back to back. It does takes time and, a lot of patience, but it’s the best way to level up and also to get wheel spins. I’m level 620+, I own every single HE car, (that has come out), and I’ve bought at least 350+ wheel spins, (buying wheel spins is the best way to lose money quickly).



You’re right, there were 3 total. I forgot the other two because I started playing after those events.

As CHP pointed out, Goliath is your best bet for lots of spins.

I find just getting the regular vs the HE works better and as someone has pointed out, it’s not worth limiting your driving experience (or spending all your money to buy a car) in a game with 400+ cars.

I’ve won 2 HE cars in the last week on wheel spins. First ones since release week.

i personally got the corvette HE at level 5 but other than that i haven’t gotten anymore HE cars it really sucks the only other way to get them is auction house

I don’t know about anyone else, but I know for me that the novelty of “Horizon Edition” in itself, whether it be a car or otherwise, has certainly worn off. There is such a thing as making something too rare to keep one’s interest. Especially, when that used to not be the case. Oh, except for the ones only the AI can drive (like the HE 454). Which only makes them even less interesting after the game has already been out for months and still no way to obtain them. It makes no sense why they aren’t available unless they’re still trying to give people something to anticipate. Given all the other seemingly problematic issues with this game, it would probably be in their best interest to do something to refresh players before losing more than they already have. I didn’t think so before but the “shiny case with a hollow contents” others feel is slowly growing to be my opinion as well despite my efforts to not feel that way. I feel like the game has tons of potential but I guess trying to fight off a notion like that shouldn’t even be something I’d have to be doing. Especially since I’m new to the Forza series…

Unless you can say anything statswise that there was a difference in how often you got payouts, it didn’t happen.

There was one update to wheelspins and it swapped out the previous HE cars for new ones, making the first month of wheelspin cars unicorns. I don’t know where the three of you with apparent outside information have got it from.

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To be totally honest, I’m mainly using the HE cars as a means of getting the cars that I want. Once all the post 1980 Ferraris are in my garage, I don’t really need to hoard credits. I’m not a hypercar collector by any means and I really just drive my favorite brands and whatever looks cool to me in most Forza games despite there being so many cars. No VW in FH3 makes me sad though…

But I would still like a fair shot at obtaining these cars without having to pay 4 to 6 million a pop in the AH because seemingly T10 decided that only the day one buyers deserved fair access to them. The other cars should be added as well.


I have cashed in pretty much all of my HE cars with the exception of two, am XP and a credit boost car just for an occasion they might be needed. As stated above for the most part, I have all the cars I care to own in this game up to this point.

But yes, a fair shot would be nice indeed.

I’ve got every single HE car in the game so far except the Ram Runner, the prices for that one are really high. I have nearly 16 million credits and gaining saved up for the next batch of HE cars in the wheelspins. Unless I 3-star all of the BM PR Stunts or it shows up in a future Forzathon, I’ll probably have to pay top dollar for that Ram HE. By the way my favorite type of HE car is the Credits Boost.

Edit: I posted this in the wrong thread. I meant to post it in the “Horizon Edition Cars” thread.

Same here. I got the game during Thanksgiving, and I’m level 600 now. I’ve never seen any XP or Skills boost HE car in my nearly 700 wheelspins. I understand that the HE cars should be somehow “rare”, but not having them even showing up in my wheelspins is more than reasonable.