FH3 Private Multiplayer?


I’ve been wondering is there a way to have a private Forza Horizon 3 multiplayer lobby and also how will the Co-Op work?

Thanks! Bilko.

Also how would I invite someone to Co-Op?

You can set up a private lobby with just friends, or go on public ones. Co-op invites im not sure about. But im sure once the game comes out that it will be easy to figure out

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How would I invite my friends to it? I’ve tried I just couldn’t find out how to. And how do I set it up?

Just go to the start menu, Press Y and create a group. This should trigger private lobby with those you invite. That’s how I do it at least.

For me it sends me to online freeroam with others.

You can do it in the demo actually. Under the online play (whatever the game term was) I believe you hit “Y” for a private lobby. That’s what we did…