FH3 on PC question

So I pre-ordered the game a while ago, and when I heard it was coming to PC i was thrilled. I picked it up today at the store and didn’t think till I got home, how am I going to play the game if I only have the XB1 disc? Did I need to ask gamestop for a code or something, or can I exchange it for digital download? What should I do?

You would need to buy it again to play on pc, otherwise you need to get the digital version, it can be played and downloaded on the xb1 and pc

You need to return this xbox edition to store and buy it from microsoft store in windows 10 (digitally). That’s the only way to play Forza Horizon 3 on PC. There is no box edition of FH3 for PC. Sorry mate.

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The guy at Gamestop just swapped the game straight up for digital download. So all is solved lol