FH3 Music stations and song list

E3 Trailer
The E3 trailer uses a Ursine Vulpine cover of “Wicked Game” feat. Annaca

Groove Music
See the thread for discussing Groove Radio, where you can stream your own playlist through OneDrive and Groove Music.

Station and Song List
There are 8 music stations in FH3 (plus the Groove station) with over 140 songs. Stations are unlocked as you progress through gameplay, and you can assign stations to your Festival Sites. There are also Skill Songs which will come with DJ notification. The song list was announced on September 9 via theaureview.com and Xbox Wire and the Week in Review. See also AU Review’s interview with Ralph Fulton about the soundtrack. xboxgamer969 has put together YouTube links for the songs. Look for his updates further in this thread:

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CHVRCHES - Never Ending Circles
The Kooks - Unknown ( video quality was below average)

The Kooks track was on Horizon Pulse, I’d assume the Chvrches track would be as well.

There’s also a new station called Block Party, or Horizon Block Party, can’t find the video that I saw it in though.

Link for those two tracks Horizon 3 Officially Unveiled - Welcome to Australia! | Page 9 | GTPlanet

Already a few confirmed songs:

  • CHVRCHES - Clearest Blue
  • !!! (Chk Chk Chk) - Freedom! '15
  • The Knocks ft. Justin Tranter - Tied To You
  • Years & Years - Shine
  • Outasight - The Wild Life
  • The Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea

None of these are from Bass Arena so far so EDM fans give it time :slight_smile:


We’re going the right direction with '90’s Electro/ Madchester! Game needs definately more like this…


While I’m not sure FSOL generally falls into either of these categories a 80’s-90’s techno channel would have been great. Everything from classic Chicago house to Detroit techno to British experimental to Dutch hardcore … it would blow minds now to hear how advanced some tracks back then were. And to possibly get “Time Space Transmat” or “Night Drive”? Those songs were MADE for cruising.

Probably too late to wish for it now …

I will be disappointed if we don’t get any tracks featuring the didgeridoo. Australian immersion will be destroyed …


Even though they are from the UK, one of the band members has learned to play (or is it sing? :p) the Didgeridoo. May I present to you… The Levellers! :slight_smile:

Epitaph records eh? Sounds like a bit of Parkway Drive will be in this

I love the fact that we can finally play our own music in FH3. I have a Daft Punk play list that I made for FH2 when I race that I listen to externally. I look forward to adapting it to a personal music channel in FH3!

Hopefully they have some pretty good choices for Hospital Records Radio (Have a decent amount of Metrik, Reso, Fred V and Grafix, etc on my Spotify playlist). Absolutely loved the choices in FH2 which got me into that genre in the first place. Too bad we cannot use Spotify on Xbox like we can on PS4.

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Since we are in AUS this time

The Amity Affliction

Just to name a few
Obviously the problem here is royalties and licensing.
But, it’d be pretty rad to have some AUS music there.

Yes! Silverchair especially. Maybe Savage Garden if they could find a good song that would go along with a racing game.

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I’m a bit worried about Horizon Block Party after hearing that Outasight song. It sounds like something that Macklemore would make. I’ve been hoping for rappers like Logic, MGK, Run the Jewels, Tech N9ne, Kendrick Lamar etc. and that’s not what I think of when I think of the term “hip-hop music”.

Also, I wonder what kind of heavy rock they’re going to play. I’m not a fan of death metal, and I can’t imagine them playing it in a game meant for everyone. I’m imagining we’ll be getting light metal/hard rock music. I wonder what they’ll call it? “Horizon Headbanger”?

Men at Work - Down Under (Most Australian Song Ever)
Maybe some INXS


American here agrees lol

Jimmy Barns and Midnight Oil xD


Aah yes!! We need Beds Are Burning!!! :slight_smile:

PS - Suicide Blonde from INXS would be nice too I think while driving through the outback :wink:

And some AC/DC

^This^ INXS is such an underrated band around where I live . . .

*As a side note, if they have a hard rock station and the band Sick Puppies is not on it, I will be disappointed . . .

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Better have some flume in an australian game

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