[FH3] Missing Volks wagen in the game.

First of all ; i like the Forza games, every one of them.

I have been playing forza Horion 3 for a few weeks now.

And i keep saying that i miss the VW in game…
Like the little GTI or the R32 =(

Can some of you explain why they did not add it ?
Is it comming in the future ?
Or will it be a DLC package ?

Hope i get some more information about it.


Its in Apex Which makes me believe it has something to do with the company putting in licencing restrictions not to have their cars portrayed with illegal activity like street racing and such.

I doubt it, they’ve been in Horizon 1 and 2, both of which featured various “illegal” activities.

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Wasn’t VW going to even be removed completely from FH3?

I’m not surprised they will never be in FH3 considering the Dieselgate scandal.

I don’t think it’s the diesel issue. The scandal also heavily affected Audi, and we have several Audi models in the game. Perhaps they didn’t get the rights to the VW brand for FH3? That doesn’t make sense either though, we got many other VAG companies.

Only time will tell, I suppose.

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