FH3 Garage Space / Capacity

With FM6 having a garage capacity of 600 vehicles and there’s supposed to be 350 vehicles already in the game, what do you all think the cap on vehicles will be for your garage in Forza Horizon 3?

don’t know the official answer but I seriously hope there are more! I know it’s a space issue but with 350 plus the 10 car pack, pre-order cars, vip There will be a lot more than that to start. Then take into account there was like 10 car packs in 2, bonus cars. The auction house will create a lot more cars and people like having different classes, tunes of cars ect. There was already a problem for a lot in 6 and it will only get worse here if they don’t. Having 700 world help because I think there will be a bunch of cars in this game.

I know is a bit too early to worry about this but I’m really curious on how many cars can we have in our garages.
Would be awesome if a dev could clarify that