FH3 Cruise/Wheel user club

I’ll be creating a club for people who like driving around watching the scenery, car meets, highway pulls either stock or reasonable, non-maxed builds.
I slide through corners but rarely in sections, and have the occasional drag between stocks.

Good place for us wheel users to play since it’s quite difficult to keep up with controllers in Horizon.

We should also try to utilize the Drone mode as much as possible and create the best photos and clips.

Still didn’t decide on a permanent name but hit me up (add or message) if interested.

GT: KSAnnihilation

Sounds like a good idea…which platform xb1 pc or crossplay?

I’m on Xbox One myself, the club is free for all though. Tag is [MY64]
I apologize for the late reply, got busy for a week then completely forgot about this post.

Sounds like a good place to be! I’m in!

You guys using any type of com’s? Timezone?

im in, what time zone and when?