FH3 Blizzard Mountain

So Blizzard Mountain is on sale for $5.99 from $19.99. Should I get it even though FH4 is coming soon?

Was a no brainer for me, grabbed it at the good price. Playing it until 28th :wink:

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Hah I’ll probably get a few months out of it with the rate at which I game. Then I can get FH4 when it goes down in price and everyone gets the bugs out for me.

Yes, it’s a good extension, and if you want the Ram Runner HE it’s probably the only way you will get one. Though you have to get a total of 160 stars in King of the Mountain races, Bucket List events, speed traps, jumps, drifts etc to get the car. You also get the Ford Gymkhana for doing the Kingmaker.