FH2 XP/Levelling wheel disappeared + broken

So in FH2 when I do skills etc in regular freeroam it will tally up the xp points as it usually does and will show the total.

Yet the small wheel with my level, in which the bar moves up depending on how much xp I just earned doesn’t appear. It wouldn’t be a big deal but I tested it out and earned 181k and then another 45k and I never levelled up (currently 59) so it seems to me that I can’t level up.

It works perfectly in races and at the end of races when receiving the bonus but not in freeroam…

Are you maybe confusing Skill Points with XP?

skill points are the Yellow number in the center of the screen you get after things like drifts, and the wheel for them adds up to give you the Perk Points. XP is the White number to the left and down a bit that levels up your driver level. Once you have all 65 Skill Points you will no longer see the wheel for the Skill Points.

Correct. Skill points do not equate to XP which count toward your driver level.