FH2 Xbox One on 2nd Final

Hi all just finished the FH2 second final and game is stuck there, did race twice coming in second each time, as soon as race hits 75% one car hits the nitrous and just disapears in to the distance.

All I have on the map is the symbol for final race auto show and one outpost in pink. I go to the out post to sellect next race and the select race type is locked, game is only 25% completed.
Any idears I have deleted game and all DLC I am reinstalling game and all content at the moment, have done a full shut down and left power cord out all night.

Interesting thing happened after wining the 2nd final by setting every thing to novice and using a bog standard non DLC car I can now resume play, got to wonder though why it claims you only have to finish in the top 3, as for all though who helped me fix this issue I say thanks for all the wonder coments left on my previous post.

This is just bazar after I could sellect destanition and race type, it made me do the 2nd final again I have now done the 2nd final 5 times, getting 2nd twice and 1st the next 3 times. Have just finished doing 3 different championships events and thank all the digital demons it has not poped up again.