FH2 xbox 360 + upgrading to xbox one

Now i was wondering when we could see some footage of the 360 version of this magnificent game because to be honest i am not getting an xbox one that soon but i am sure as hell that i will be picking up the 360 version but since i am probably going to get an xbox one eventually lets say mid/+ 2015 could it be that turn10 will offer a discount when i am upgrading to the xbox one version like COD and BF4 did?

Nothing has been seen, yet, but keep checking back to this forum for information on any new video releases. Unfortunately for 360 users, much of the promotional material and gameplay footage will derive from the Xbox One, for obvious reasons. But, at some point, something regarding the 360 version will have to be published to give folks like yourself a look at how it plays.

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t would be cool if they did show some 360 gameplay for us people who havent upgraded to next gen yet.And the studio making part 2 made the first one so i have faith in them the only thing is how much turn10 is helping out with the development of this game.But i am def excited bout this game and then we got a next gen burnout next year good time to be a racing fan now if only we could a next gen ROAD RASH that would be epic sauce

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I would expect to see the 360 version after this month when Playground Games finishes revealing all the features on the Xbox one. The 360 version does not want to get confused with the One version or it maybe to ashamed.

I was woundering if you buy horizon 2 for the xbox 360 will u be offered a reduced or free cost to get it on the xbox one

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I don’t believe so. If you’re getting it on Xbox One later at some point then it may be worth waiting to buy it.