FH2 Sync=Savegame lost?

Hello Forza Community!

I have an Issue with my FH2 Savegame.

I just finished my first Championship yesterday and after that I did the first Roadtrip as the Horizon Champion to Castelletto, all good so far.
About ~6hours later i decided to turn my Xbox on again.
Before starting FH2, I just took a quick look at the Forza Hub App to check if there are any new prizes available.
So I claimed $10.000 and went straight to the Game, it told me it has to sync.
I thought it was probably related to Prize.
So after the sync was successfull it started the game, but to my surprise it didn’t continue where I was, instead the Intro was playing.
So… it looks like my savegame is gone, any chance to recover it via Cloud?
Also, I’ve seen there are problems with the Xbox Live Servers, is my Issue related to that?

Perhaps. The last couple of days XBL was down intermittently. This might make it so your game save did not sync up to the cloud but if that were the case the game always defaults to loading your local HDD save first. I it differs from the Cloud file it asks which you would like to continue with as your main save and it overwrites all instances with the option you choose.

If I recall correctly, I did chose the Local option.
Kinda weird why it would start a new game then.