FH2 Says I Need XBox Live Gold for Multiplayer but i Have Xbox Live Gold!?!?

I’m not sure if this a problem on Xbox or FH2 but anyone else having this issue?

You need to have an Xbox Live GOLD account for the online portions with multiplayer activities, etc. Yes.

Apparently you’re on Xbox One, so try doing a FULL hard restart of the computer. Xbox Live is currently having issues: Xbox Support Those may be related, but perhaps by . . .
Try doing a system reset (hard boot) as below:
1 – from the Dashboard, out of all games, hold the X button on the front of the console down until it shuts the system down.
2 – Disconnect the external power from the wall plug (or at least disconnect the wall-side connector on the power pack itself).
3 – WAIT until all power drains from the external power pack (no light, either white or dull orange showing on the pack).
4 – Reconnect the power supply to the electrical outlet.
5 – Restart the console in the usual manner, i.e., either with the controller or a short push on the X button on the front of the X1.
6 – WAIT until the console self-checks and fully boots to the Dashboard before attempting anything.

If you don’t disconnect the external power pack and let the power completely drain out, the system is still retaining “old” stuff and not resetting.

The 360 still requires gold for online multiplayer but xbox one does not…not sure if theres a limit to the amount of accts. that you can have that get online access or if your restricted to just online gaming and miss out on things like free downloads w gold but i havent paid for gold pretty much since i got an xbox1…no surprise microsoft hasnt made this fact more well known since surely theyre gonna lose alot in subscribtion fees…this only works on one xbox1 per household or network maybe and thats the one labeled home console…:wink:

Of course you need Gold for multiplayer on Xbox One.

No you dont …i havnt had a gold acct for months now…look into it cause im sure its not just that im special…nor did i just choose to make that info up…i also realize this in no way answers the original posters problem just something i thought id share…but by all means continue paying your monthly fees you might want to ask microsoft what exactly it is your getting for your money…:wink:

After looking into it further it seems iv been able to take advantage of microsofts “gold sharing” program which essentially allows me to sponge off my kids live acct. since they let multiple gamertags have online access using one paid gold acct…so half right half wrong still 1 acct to pay for is better than 3 but when i said “you dont need gold to play online” i may have been wrong you may need it, i also said “im sure im not special” to which it seems i may be mistaken about as well im going to phone my mother about that now…:wink:

First check under all settings>account>manage subscriptions just to confirm thet you have live. The only other thing I could think of is to wait for a few hours. And try aging.

Best of luck.

It could also be a wifi related issue. So say the Xbox servers are down, things like that.

Hi I have the same problem, I don’t know if this game is only for people who have Xbox live gold, bcause it says that when I try launch the game, and the Xbox servers are working