FH2 rant

why is it that players choose to crash, ram and push other players off the road, into trees, buildings and walls? is it because they cant win playing the game ‘clean’? isnt it about time forza integrated non-contact? surely im not the only person who thinks this? (or am i :D!)

Also it cant just be me that the game freezes for, at least twice a night the game will freeze! for example just now, first in the leader board, ahead by around 6k xp, event 4/4 about to start and it just crashes! so what do i get apart from being really peed off?! sometimes it will crash the sound but you can finish the race (without the sound because it makes a terrible bassy mini-gun sound) but as soon as the race is over it then kicks you to the dashboard and restarts the game.

just a bit of an inconvenience!

Hey, same problems about game crashing :slight_smile: … I don’t know why it always come at a crucial time !
For the way people drive into “road trip mode”, I always choose 4x4 car in order to start faster than other and arrive to the first turn with a little advance… I keep rear-wheel drive for rivals mode.

But the game still really fun, the best is to play with good teams or big levels, cause generally they don’t try to crash you to win the game…

The game doesn’t punish contact in any way (other than losing your score multiplier) in fact, you get extra points for side-swiping, destroying fences etc.

In short, the game encourages crashing to a degree.


It doesn’t reward crashing into players, like, at all.

You are talking about hitting world objects.

You also get a great reoccurring score bonus for clean driving, in case you didn’t know.

Report and Block the crashers. I have probably reported and blocked well over 100 players for intentionally ramming and trying to run people off the road. Not really sure if reporting does any good but it makes me feel better and by blocking you won’t get put in trips with them again.

Reporting them won’t do anything. Just ignore if they are such a disturbance.

Like I said reporting with details just makes me feel better. Plus I figure on the outside chance that others report these idiots as well that they may be banned which would be the ultimate goal. Actions have consequences and it would be nice to see those consequences come to fruition.

^ It will get sent to the relevant team who will review and take action if necessary.

Ive had that crashing before and yeah its annoying, regarding the crashers there’s too many noobs online. I use SUV’s and these noobs still think they can crash me LOL.

Another question, why should I get penalized if I get rammed by another player? I was playing in an online road trip in free roam mode heading to the next event. I had built up a decent multiplier drifting through corners when a player hits me from behind in a straightaway. There goes my multiplier and a potential 20k skill points because I was hit by a player from behind.

It would be nice if there were bonus points like in Forza 5/6 for taking turns properly. Make it some high point value – i.e. Good Turn 2000 skill points, Perfect Tern 4000 skill points. There just simply isn’t any reward for attempting to race cleanly. I mean, wouldn’t it be epic to finish lower in the race standings but rack up enough points to knock out that guy that is speeding into players and whipping around corners without any regard to how they are driving? Perhaps even an additional bonus to the driver that raced the cleanest?

It almost makes playing in any online mode worthless unless you play in a private session with people who really attempt to race cleanly and fairly. Unfortunately, I just don’t know enough people in the game yet for a worthwhile private session.

First off - I could be wrong, but I am already 900% sure that the skills contribute to the points you get, and people have already complained about people boosting style points rather than racing. Whether they nerfed it because of that or if they nerfed it at all is beyond me because I took a break to go back to Forza 5 throughout a lot of the post-release.

Second off -

There is plenty more point value for racing clean than dirty, and this is mathematically factual.

Near misses - several levels of it - makes you 10 fold the points of doing really anything else in a street race (not counting the offroad air/drift).

Periodic +1k points (even more with perks) for racing clean, including a big one for a clean race start.

Thread in the needle - another high paying perk for driving cleanly.

Trading Paint won’t take away a skill multiplier, thanks to lag I think you only really get it from traffic cars. Gives you 50 points. Boom. Not anything, really. Not even significant enough to knock a player off the road, otherwise you would lose the points too.

Crash into somebody? Boom. Get penalized. Your score multiplier is gone and so is your periodic clean driving bonus until you drive cleanly for a while.

Sideswiping? Crash landing? Trashman? Those are given for hitting small wreckables. Not other players.

I found it easy to see why there is no bonus for taking turns - there is so many ways to take turns in the majority of the race types, especially when in the rally/offroad, that it is impossible to expect people to follow the driving line. Perk of being an open world game is that it can get away with that.

Unfortunately, there is nothing they can really do to take the wreckers out of the game, mate. Adding in points for following the line (something completely out of place, mind what’s already in the game for the point system) will definitely not fix it.

Yes, I understand how the point system works and I agree with the racing line issues you bring out (hadn’t thought of it that way). My frustration, more than anything, are those that intentionally ram or blow through tight corners. I also know there are some that just don’t have the skill to “race cleanly”, but it is very annoying to slow down to take a corner with a 3x or 4x multiplier in play only to have the person slam into your rear end and lose all of those points – not to mention suddenly having to try to make up positions on the leaderboard all through an action that was not your fault in any way – knowing that the offender gets no punishment and can continue to grief other players in other races.