FH2 promo commercial shoot in the works


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“Lawson said the completed commercial should run about 2 minutes …” Sounds like a promo for use in movie theaters, YouTube ads, or something. Unless they chop that down by a minute and a half, it likely won’t be airing on television. Interesting.

I guess you never seen that Dragon speech typing commercial,Shadow,i swear that things 10 minutes long!

Sure haven’t. If you can’t sell me a product in 30 seconds or less, you’ve defeated the purpose of television advertising and have severely hollowed out your marketing budget. Marathon commercial spots seem to me like a desperate call for attention and anything after minute one, you’re just wasting the viewer’s time. Elevator pitch - not a trade show, people! Just my two cents.

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Seems like a lot of work and money spent for even a two minute commercial. Super expensive cars, road trip from Orange County to Seattle with all sorts of events, filming along the entire route, then having to sit down and watch it all and decide on a two minute final product. Seems like a lot of time and money spent for something so short that most people won’t care about a couple weeks later. I hope it helps them sell many more consoles.


The cost is probably just travel, hotel, food, and filming costs. I doubt they paid for the cars, they probably just organized car meets with the locals. They’re following Mario Bonfante, Jr. who I believe is on a racing circuit. He’s got his own car.

Ya I think its kinda wasteful for a two-minute commercial, but I like the message. Forza games, and FH especially, is about this world where anyone can have access to super cars and customizing a dream car and drifting and racing. Video games give us that, even and especially for people who are differently abled. Following part of Bonfante, Jr.'s journey, as he’s a quadriplegic racer, captures that message in spades.

Part 1 of Forza Horizon 2’s promo featuring Mario Bonfante Jr

This part was all about Bonfante, Jr and Forza in general. I don’t think its actually gonna be promotional for FH2 specifically, maybe just a passion project because they’re inspired by him. I guess time will tell, but so far its a great story.

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