FH2 no championship bugged or?

I know there was a few topics about it but still i dont get it HOW to resolve it

I dont have the problem but my deaf friend got something i dont understand

he did completed only TWO champiosnhips (one from Castelleto and one from Nice) but after that he and me did playing online session
Now he went back to solo but even Nice nor Castelleto championships are closed, and i watch on his map there is no another festivals like Sisteron, Montellino, … So how can he playing another championships? He is trying do complete some bucket lists

I hope there is something i can help my deaf friend to fix this weird bug
Delete whole game and reinstall or?

IF I remember correctly, don’t you have to join a kind of Road Trip to one of the location hubs and after completing that it opens up some more Championships. I know this baffled me for a bit back when I was playing.

When i told him to remove COMPLETELY his saved data, and replay again, he was happy to have championships again

till second championship has done and that trouble was there AGAIN, but yes indeed he had to visit [P] to make more progress

When you have finished a Championship, you need to visit the hub of that area. There will be a section that prompts ‘Continue Road Trip’, this will then ask you to choose the next car division you want and the car you will choose.
Complete the trip to the next area and the races will be open to you.
Once you have fully completed a Road Trip (4 Championships I believe), you need to go back to the Horizon Festival Hub to start the next one.

Hope this helps.