Hi guys was wondering if anyone can help me my game keeps freezing when I try to select my Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (2014). I cannot select it for any race/cruise, remove it from garage or even view it. So essentially I have an unusable car in my garage but its probably my favourite Chevy so i’m pretty disapointed! All my other cars seem to be fine but I do have nearly 200 cars and theres probably another one somewhere that freezes the game that i’m not aware of.

Any help would be most appreciated.


Same problem here. I have two Corvette Stingray from 2014 in my garage. I can not pick, view or delete these cars. Every choice crashes the game instantly. You must go to the dashboard and start the game all over.
There is a workaround. Buy the corvette once more, use a different colour to identify it, and use this one without any problem. Strange!
Any help or tip?

How strange! Will try that workaround but its annoying to have an unusable car in my garage :confused: It is interesting to see someone else with this problem though!

Can anyone else try and select their 2014 Corvette? It might be a major problem affecting this car since the last update or something? Wonder how many people have glitched Corvettes…

I’m having a similar problem were i go to get it, delete the design from my designs, or remove the car with the 1970 Chevelle and the 1960 Corvette. Every time i do anything with these two cars the game freezes.

i have the same problem with the ford focus rs 2009 and it freezes when ever i try to load a tune for the chevrolet camaro 69’ also it wont let me install turbos on several cars my game freezes quite often when im online

I’m having the issue here. The game will not let me load a community upgrade on my Hyundai Genesis 2013.

and yet turn10 does nothing even though i tried emailing they say just to use the forums like no that doesnt work