FH2 Fast & Furious (Xbox One) - No Longer Available

Hey guys, I just wanted to let everyone know that Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious is no longer available to purchase on the Microsoft/Xbox store. This happened around the time of New Years Day/Eve. Unsure why it was taken down but if I had to guess, probably something to do with licenses etc.
Just wanted to let everyone know.



Oh it really says unavailable. For the Xbox One version.

Strange how the Xbox 360 version is still available right now.

Both were released in 27/march/2015. The movie license should be really about to expire.

People wanting the achievements should get the Xbox 360 version as quick as possible!
In my opinion, the Xbox 360 version is better too.
The Xbox One version suffers from some “continuity” problems because of the way the events start in FH2 and FH2-F&F in the Xbox One. It’s my opinion, of course. The majority of people will find the Xbox One version better because of the graphics…


Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious Digital Edition for Xbox One is showing as “Not Available” on the Microsoft Store website (Australian Store listing here) as well as on Xbox One and the Microsoft Store App on Windows 10. Please note it was available to purchase a few days ago (checked on the 31st of December) but by the 1st of January (when I went to buy it) it was no longer available. Is this affecting other countries as well?

EDIT: Did not notice a thread had recently been made regarding this (found here).

Yeah, forgot to mention that it was just the Xbox One version, thanks for pointing that out!!

Well that answers my question (created a thread earlier today and didn’t notice this one). Thanks!

Xbox 360 version is gone now too.

Was gone the other day but has popped back up for me :o

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The Xbox 360 version is still available.

The price is 9.99 USD.

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Can Horizon 2 be played on the Xbox One?

Yeah dude, Forza Horizon 2 is available on Xbox One, both physically and digitally.

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Disappointing wanted to buy this

lol it’s been out for nearly 4 years but now it’s unavailable you wanted it


Not direct for your account, but you can still play it under your GT.

You need to find someone who has FH2 FF in his game library and has set his XB1 as ‘home console’.

You just log in on his XB1 with your account to ‘share’ the game only he owns.

I think this is the only possible way.

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Ok thanks. Does the person need the game installed and can they still download it even tho its been removed? Like if they own the game can they still redownload it again and do they need to install it on their xbox and mine for this to work?

And yes, he can still download it from his library.

Hi everyone,

So didn’t find a whole lot of information here on the forums about the removal of the Fast & Furious expansion like I did with the removal of the DLC for the first Horizon game. What was the reasoning of removing the Fast & Furious DLC? Does this mean I won’t be able to get those specific achievements?

F&F wasn’t a DLC, it was a game in itself probably to promote the Horizon 2 game. It was a free game to start with, who knows why people didn’t download it when it was available
F&F had an XBOX1 and XBOX360 version, both completable in under a day. They’re still available if you already downloaded them so if you can, get someone who had them to sign into your Xbox to download them again and you can play them from your account. Don’t do that in a dodgy way so you don’t get banned! Easiest 2000 Gamerscore and Tier boost ever!

Yes we totally forgot about that expansion.

We noticed the game FH2: F&F but we usually forget about the expansion with the same license, and I guess it could be used in the F&F version too!
Well I remember seeing it in the ready to install of the F&F, but didn’t bothered using those cars there anyway. =P

They didn’t say anything. We just believe it’s the movie license that expired.
So they silently removed FH2:F&F and the DLC pacs of the Fast & Furious. It was a short timed license.

They seem to still have the DLC packs for fast and furious though - Buy Forza Horizon 2 Fast & Furious Car Pack | Xbox

But definitely odd they would just remove it like that. I’m convinced I should buy all the DLC for this game before it goes away.

Yes I see now the packs Furious 7 and Fast & Furious are still available. And the free Supra F&F too.

So I guess you totally lied and I totally didn’t check? hahaha

Or were you talking about the other game? That game was not an expansion, it was a different game. A promo game/whatever, but not an expansion.