FH2 End of Life

Just so everyone knows, per this weeks WIR, Horizon 2 hits end of life status on September 30th. All associated DLC will no longer be available for purchase. Anyone who owns it, and/or buys the DLC before then will be able to redownload it if it becomes uninstalled. After the 09/30 it will never be available again. So get the DLC now or on your(or your parents) next paycheck.

You’re welcome.


Right on cue.

Seems like everyone complains about it when it happens, so here’s a thread and there’s a WIR discussing it. Lol. No excuses.

I was just saying right on time for it to go EOL. H1 did the same right after they made it free. They should make the DLC free at this point.

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Definitely. At this point there’s no reason for the complete add ons to be $100+ for a game that is EOLing.

I was just seeing this today. FH2 is now free this month for gold members, but the Storm Island and Porsche car pack are still full price. If the game is going EOL at the end of September, I hope that Microsoft does some serious discounts on those before it ends. Also, when the game goes EOL, does that mean the online servers go off as well (no online adventure or freeroam)?

You would still be able to play the game online. You can still play Horizon 1 and the 360 Forza’s online.

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Both Storm Island and Porsche DLCs were available on discount on previous weeks

I don’t check the microsoft store all of the time, so i missed those. In any case, they should still discount all of the DLC sometime in September before they are gone forever.


I’m a bit confused. Why would a game be going EOL after only 4 years? And what is WIR? Need for Speed still sells their DLC for their games that are 10 years plus. Did Microsoft or the developers just go for cheap licensing? I got that it won’t be much people playing, but putting it free on Games with Gold, actually could benefit them with DLC sales. Plus, DLC still sells even on older games. I just don’t get why would they would cut it.


I don’t know why they are taking it off, but it was a cheap move to give it to us for free and then take it off in a month. Currently, I don’t feel like buying the DLC and was looking to get it way later.

the exact same thing happened with Forza Horizon 1 and also with FM5 not long after they went games with gold, apparently it’s due to licencing

A lot of people were not happy about that either. I didn’t even get a chance to get to FH1 and them taking it off the market was a complete surprise, cause it came so fast and unannounced. A lot of gamers were unhappy with that and I would think that MS wouldn’t do that again. But here we are again. I don’t mind getting the DLC, but currently I am no where near playing the game. I only get the DLC when I plan to start playing it. Oh well, I probably will not touch this…

But again, Need for Speed, and a slew of other games that I can think of are 10 years + old and still sell the DLC. Just doesn’t make sense to me. Also what is WIR?

EA aren’t the best company to use to defend this point given they pull the online services for a game in some cases after only 2 years. Yes you can still buy them, but with all the online features disabled. How long they support a game for online varies hugely, but is unpredictable and you get little warning unless you go out of your way to look for it.

Forza games get 4 years before they get delisted from the store. I’m not happy about that, but it is atleast predictable - FM4, FH1, FM5 and now it’s FH2’s turn. Atleast with these while you cannot digitally buy the game and it’s DLC, if you do have it, or have a disk version you can still play the full game including the online side.

If you want the DLC for FH2 you have until the end of this month to buy it. Hopefully they put it on sale one last time for those that still want it as I don’t think these were available in other stores like some seasons passes are.

WIR - Week In Review - updates on the games and what they are doing.

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Horizon 1 eventually got a nice remastering and back compat. Horizon 2 needs similar treatment 4kwise and such. Still the best in the series, and I don’t see that changing with 4. Sad that we go through this process though, and as has been said, curious that most games do not incur such.