FH2; Can not unlock the locked tabs (online, clubs etc)

so my mate has just bought bought Horizon 2 on the xbox one, im already level 250 and got all the unlocks, but he is around level 100, has done 30 of the full roadtrips and become the champ twice now, aswell as done a few bucket list challenges. wev deleted the game and reinstalled, done the console hard reset crap etc, any ideas on how to fix it? hes bought dlc that he cant use now since market place is still locked, and I cant game with him due to online not unlocking

Whenever I have had this problem it is usually a sign that I need to install a game update.

I have the same problem and i have tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling it(Didn’t Work),Resetting my console(Xbox One) and i can’t seem to fix it!

Any help would be great.

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I too have this problem now after just being advised to install the latest update. I feel that the update has not applied fully or some other such condition as it did it very quickly.
Any way to force a check for updates ?
any help most welcome.
I have been online, completed loads and have loads of progress available.

I am having the same results on FH2 X1, so don’t try to change anything right away. The developers are aware of the situation. Also did the full console shutdown (holding the X button until it shuts down), remove the electricity from the external power pack (either unplug from the wall or remove the wall-side connector from the pack), then wait for ALL POWER to drain from the power pack, reconnect and start the console. No change.

My update Tuesday FULLY installed to 100%, and everything was fine afterward, various sessions yesterday and over the last seven hours or so until perhaps 30 minutes ago.

Hang in there. They’re aware of the issue. BTW - FM5 (also a digital version) is fine, online within the game, so it is just FH2 X1.

Give it a go again, working here as of this post.