FH now Enhanced for Xbox One X Backward Compatibility

New Enhanced Xbox 360 titles and feature come to Xbox One Backward Compatibility
by Bill Stillwell, Lead Program Manager, Xbox Platform
Posted on February 27, 2018 at 9:00 am


This is fantastic!
Hopefully more people will play Horizon now, because it’s a really great game.


Forza Horizon entered “End of Life” status a few years ago, which means it cannot be bought digitally (discs still work however).

Looking through my Achievements I’m missing a bunch from the 1000 Club and I never got the Rally Expansion. My old saves are gone and we’re mever uploaded to the cloud at the time.

If I get a physical copy of the game now and start from scratch, is it still possible to (a) obtain 146 different cars for the 1000 Club Achievements and (b) obtain the Rally Expansion?

I suspect the latter is impossible due to “End of Life”.

I’m not sure about the 1000 Club, but you can still buy the Rally expansion from Amazon and Shopto, and they should still be redeemable:


Can anyone here who may have bought the Rally Expansion recently confirm that this is the case?

I know it can’t be bought natively from Microsoft anymore and if I do pick up Forza Horiozn again I’d like to be 100% sure about this before dropping £15 on it.

Yes the code works you can buy it and redeem it.


Can confirm also, bought it at Amazon.co.uk two weeks ago. Have fun!

I was working towards that and think the count goes up to 148 cars available, meaning I could skip the 10M and 3M cars and still get it without DLC cars.

Unfortunately several of the 1000 club achievements related to driving X number of cars ARE reliant on you having the season pass car packs installed.
Driving the Ferraris, British cars and cars over $1m are possible with no car packs.
Driving Shelbys, BMW, Lambo and Nissan I think each leave you 1 car short if you don’t have the car packs.

I don’t know about the Rally Pack counting towards those numbers as I don’t have that DLC.

I wonder if this update will prompt any review of the Forza Hub updating, as quite a few have stats such as cars owned stuck for a long time.

That’s all I needed to know, and since I can’t get 100% Achievement completion I’m not going to bother.

Thanks for clarifying.

Wasn’t Forza Horizon free with Games with Gold a few months back?!? Playing that again definitely brought back some memories, music playlist was great!

Sucks that your save is gone.

All we need now is Forza Horizon 2 to be enhanced and pow all three have been xbox one x enhanced.


If you have all the car packs installed and it doesn’t show up in-game or you can’t switch to the DLC cars, just restart the game. Everything shows up now for me, including the 1000 club. Looks so good on the Xbox One X.

Thats great now can the server be looked at my rewards couldnt be redeemed the last few times i have tryed

having lost all my progress moving my save from 360 to xbox one, my progress now has to be moved to my X. i cannot see how this is done as when i fire up my X it wants me to start a new game…even though the save is in the cloud…any ideas??

EDIT: Now all sorted :slight_smile:

I confirm: Forza Horizon Xbox One X Enhanced shines like a new game. Tested in UHD 4K. Unbelievable work!!!

I have driven trough these roads thousands of kms, I have the complete road map in my mind, I don’t need on screen map or GPS to go to any point (I have designed and memorized five routes through the whole map, 300 kms). I know all the most beautiful places at Colorado. I’ve been enjoying this Horizon Colorado world a long time and still playing it recently on Xbox 360 until today… see you soon 360… hello One X!

Today, with the One X Enhanced update I have seen the most incredible digital work ever. Horizon Colorado has been changed from top to bottom with this update.
If this world was a beautiful place now its a paradise.

Always thought that the first was the better Horizon, it has a strong personality that has not beaten yet. For me this update its a present. Wished many times a HD remake, knowing that was impossible (…or not???). And now this enhanced, makes the game to look as HD remake. I’m grateful!

It also works with Thrustmaster Sparco steering wheel well. One year ago Thrustmaster TX needed a controller to make run force feedback (disconnecting every 15 minutes…). Now FF works without a controller!

Thank you so much! Playground for creating this jewel. Microsoft for doing BC enhanced updates!

Trust me. Now Horizon Colorado its a new world to discover. If running on 360 or One was nice… this is something coming from another planet.
You have to see it!!

I can’t wait for Forza Horizon 2 enhanced update!

I fired it up last night on my XBox One X and could see no difference. I check the app for updates and the last download was Feb 28 so I assumed I have the 4K update. However, normally when I run a XboneX/4k/HDR game, my projector blanks out for a sec when switching modes (when you first fire up the game) and I get a “HDR” label appear on screen. None of that happened and the game looks no different.


I thought it might look better, but I haven’t played it for a while. I do know that an in-game photo is at 1280x720 res, which sure isn’t 4k lol.

i see no difference either, don’t forget to go to dashboard and ensure graphics rather than performance is set in the settings. Am waiting on digital foundry to take a peek.

I just installed the 1X enhanced version and it does look incredible. Haven’t played the original in ages but this really looks nice. Also I can confirm the Rally expansion codes will still redeem through the Xbox store. I bought it online through GameStop. The expansion does not appear to have the 1X enhanced treatment though. Still fun to play.