FH crashing on console back?

It had disappeared long time ago but since friday FH is back to crashing, 3 times in 2 days. I am on Xbox 1x, before I consider game reinstall, anyone having the same symptoms ?

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It’s happened to me a couple of times (usually the worst possible time) in the last week. Xbox one.

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thx for feedback

same for me, having good championship with good players, finishing 4th race even, race end animation and … freeze … thanks forza. another time, just coming back to pole position after having been rammed, 10m from finish line …

Were you on your own or racing with others? I ask as, yesterday evening, I was playing with a group of people from about 7pm GMT till around 2am or so and there were a handful of occasions where someone in the convoy had the game crash and/or had to restart. Mind you, I believe they were all on Series X/S consoles so may be unrelated

I am playing online only so only happening while I am racing but I am on One X not on Series X.

They added a bug just before officially stopping to fix them … splendid.

full game reinstall just in case something went wrong, off course, few race later, boom …