FH 5 through gamepass

Hi. i bought the gamepass Ultimate, and installed the forza horizon 5 premium edition, which is say its available on nov. 05. but i cant play it. it says i came too early.
it is because i got the premium edition thrugh the gamepass and i not bought the game? or can i do something to play it today?

It appears you have to buy the premium bundle for £40 even if you have gamepass to play the game on November 5th. So much for “Coming day one to Xbox Game Pass” eh!

just to point out:

Forza Horizon 5’s official release date is November 9th, 2021, but you can get a head start by acquiring early access. Forza Horizon 5 will be available to early access players at midnight on November 5, 2021.

people seriously need to chill out and read first


Okey thanks. I was just confused because i saw some Content creator playing it already, and pictures in groups where they playing too.

Those are people that paid in advance to be beta testers.
They call it pre order, but let’s be real, they are beta testers.

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The internet says it will lauch at 12.01am eastern time. which is 17:01 in my country. and its 21:16 now. can u say something to it? what can be the problem?

I downloaded the Game on GamePass then purchased the $59 ultimate bundle for early access and still wont let me in, Uninstalled and reinstalled twice and still nothing.

My gamepass download and purchased ultimate bundle for early access still wont work…