FFB on Xbox One

I went back the other day and ran a couple of races on this edition but did not like how light the FFB was with my TX. I don’t remember what it was like when this 1st hit the One but can’t find any posts talking about it either. Am I missing something here? All the FFB settings are maxed in-game.

Mine is the same. I sometimes have to go back to the Xbox home page for a second to bring back the FFB after it drops out. And it often starts off low, whatever the setting. But changing it in the game menu up and down a bit makes it stronger. I don’t mean by increasing it makes it stronger (obviously!) I mean tinkering with the setting seems to bring it back to the correct feeling.

Try turning on your Xbox One controller. It doesn’t work in game when I’m using my wheel, but when it’s on it seems to trigger the FFB in the wheel.

Has anyone posted the ideal FFB settings for Forza Horizon and the Thrustmaster TX 458 Italia? Thanks!