FFB deadzone compensation - instance to the devs

I really like Forza Horizon 4’s force feedback, but on my G29 the force feedback has a deadzone. This obviously is introduced by design by Logitech (because of dual motors), but none other racing game has it as big as Forza. Not only that but they have FFB deadzone compensation which lets you tweak it so there isn’t one at all! This makes experience so much better!
Currently all steering corrections at high speed leave me without any information from the wheel, exactly when I need them the most because the car is most unstable. This effect is multiplied when I set smaller degrees of movement to go e.g. with track cars.
Undoubtedly when you set it too high it will leed to oscilations, but it is harmless and can easily be corrected. You even currently have some options that when set too low might cause that too.
I think this could be a (relatively) easy change that would massively improve experience for some. From my experience Project Cars and Raceroom have it, while in Asetto Corsa and iRacing you can even generate a custom curve of your motor’s response (via external program).