few ideas to improve Forza Horizon 3 [PC]

Hi everyone, first of all i would like to say sorry for my english… anyway i’ll try do my best!
I bought the game 3 months ago, and i love it so much, Horizon 3 is a masterpiece we car lovers always desired for, but i found a few uncomfortable think that might be easily fixed.

  • Car Management:
    In the Garage > Upgrade menu you could add a “Stock Car” button that could just remove all the existing upgrade from the car, the same way “Erase Paint / Decals” work in the Designs and Paints menu.
    In the Garage > My Cars menu there is already a “View Car” “Car History” button but none of theese shows everything. You could add the name of the tuner, painter. The name of the tune, paint itself. Most importantly “Acceleration & Speed” “Braking Distance” “Lateral Gs” like in the Upgrade > Custom Upgrade menu. Why? Because if i’m using a pre loaded tune i can’t open the Custom Upgrade menu anymore since it says it will remove it.
  • Auction House:
    Please, i beg you! Let us use our keyboard while searcing auctions. It take a year to spam click, or arrows to reach the middle of the ABC, then do it again in a million time. We are already able to write Gamertag in the advanced menu so it shoudn’t be a big deal to make it happen.
  • Alt+Tab issues:
    So the most irritating think in Horizon 3 (for me at least) is when i press alt+tab the game just disconnect, i can still play but everything that connected to the server just disappear (gray out), and sadly it take a year, or a restart to reconnect again. This happens in co-op too, it takes us 5min to setup a co-op party, then if i wan’t alt+tab for any reason, i instantly get dropped from the group, and we need waste another 5min to join back.
    You could add a manual “Reconnect” button to force reconnect to the server, since the game itself doesn’t really trying to.
    In co-op dont drop me if i want to change youtube song, or mute myself on Skype because my mom just started use the vacuum cleaner.
    Thank you for your time, if you have any topic related ideas, please share with me in the comments.
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don’t expect anything to change now though, it’s almost 12 months old

Yes it is a Masterpiece with some slight flaws but use to them and they are only really flaws because I would have prefered something a littel bit different, But we all have our own idear of what would make it perfect. But this game dose an excelent job of catering to most people with a game they can enjoy it may not do all they want but they enjoy the parts that they do like.

And you can set cars back to stock in the upgrade menu I do it all the time you just need to select upgrades set to stock and then build your own car I do it with any car that I get from the Auction and all HE cars as I prefer a more balanced tune than the standard power tune.

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As Talby wrote, this should go to wish list thread.

As for the suggestions themselves - I totally agree. All of them need to be in the next FH game.

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