Few bugs I've encountered since update

I used to have zero problems in playing, since the update though I have had quite a few.

  1. Doing pulls while tuning, or simply launching during a race, and first gear is acting bi-polar. One time first gear winds up normally, I’ll stop and launch again, and then first gear gets stuck at 3k rpms for about 3 seconds, then slowly goes up to redline. Then I’ll do another pull or launch, and first gear shoots right up how it’s supposed to. it flip flops every other time. Even on cars that worked fine before the update have started doing it.

  2. Getting stuck on the save screen, or loading screen, either saving a tune, or upgrades, or even trying to leave the house.

  3. Got stuck in between the eliminator, and free roam. I quit out of the eliminator, and it sent me out to what looked like free roam, but all I could do was drive around. I couldn’t enter any races, enter the house, or even pause the game. Just kept telling me it was searching for a match, and eventually the “Arena started shrinking”, even though there isn’t supposed to be an arena in free roam.