Festival Site/Events Feels Unearned

Up front let me say: I want to frame this with constructive criticism, but I don’t know how the ‘Festival Unlocks’ are earned to begin to nicely suggest a better way.

You get the main Mexico Festival site after the intro, then you periodically get ‘unlock points’ that you use to unlock and create one of the other 5 festival sites, or use the ‘unlock points’ to unlock the showcase/events from those sites.

It’s just that, I don’t feel I earned the unlocks. I think that’s because I don’t know how I earned them, and I’ve now got every site there, every event unlocked and the game is telling me I conquered Horizon. Except that I feel I’ve only really started.

Aside from doing all the Road races, I’ve done a grand total of 0 Dirt and 0 Cross Country, I accidentally thought I had to do a Street race to unlock The Marathon (I forgot about unlock points) otherwise I would have done 0 of them as well, yet Gauntlet, Titan and Marathon are all available (and done, I suppose).

I guess I didn’t really think about it or notice, because I was focusing on Road events to begin with, but it feels incredibly weird to have the ‘top tier’ events unlocked for the various disciplines without having done any of the lead-up races/content.

I feel like unlocking the events in each discipline should somehow be linked to participation or progress in each discipline, but it’s clearly not.

Bug or design?


I believe the various Accolade points you earn fill a progress bar that gets you another festival unlock.

Yep, it’s based on Accolade points, and you receive Accolade points pretty frequently at the very start, so you unlock Hirozin Adventure chapters super fast.

I agree. They took what were the culmination of all the different racing disciplines in FH4, that were meant to be the ultimate tests of your driving ability, and cheapened them down to throw away events at the start of the game that most people will blaze through in order to get into the Hall of Fame and unlock the ability to enter The Trial.

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Why are you angry that you must do very little to enter Trial then? Btw, none of the long races are required to get to Hall of Fame.

My mistake.

And I never said I was angry, I’m disappointed that PGG thinks they can clean up the unhelpful people that play The Trial by placing it behind something that all players will eventually unlock anyways. In FH4 the majority of the people that I saw in The Trial with either untuned or just the wrong type of vehicle were well above the new player level. I don’t want to lock people out of playing, I just think it’s the wrong way to go about it.

Hall Of Fame is too easy is what we mean.

Just like completing festival story in FH1, 2, 3 and 4.

And if wasn’t designed that way 99% of you would be complaining it is too hard and you miss out on exclusive cars because you haven’t unlocked The Trial.

I’m seeing a lot of the same people complaining about the exact opposite of things they complained about in FH4.

FH4 = “The playlist is too hard or time consuming” or something similar.

FH5 = “The playlist is too easy and there’s no effort”.

I know a lot of new people are on the forums too, but it doesn’t change my point.

You can’t have it both ways, if you complain about the game and it changes to something like you wanted then don’t complain that it didn’t change to fit your exact wants, because that will never happen.

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When something is too hard the fix isn’t to make it too easy, the fix is to make it just right.

You’d get further telling a vegan about cuts of steak Aqua, don’t bother trying to discuss a different opinion with people like them.

OP is right, the Goliath/Colossus/Titan etc are supposed to be the pinnacle of their disciplines, to be able to unlock them without actually doing a single race is daft and plain bizarre design.

I think HOF will keep things relatively ok in the trial for a few weeks but after that it will be back to the teammate lottery it often was in FH4.

You don’t feel that you did anything, but at least you can three star all the adventures afterwards. If I worked at PG I would probably walk out through frustration.

progression in this game is way way too quick, but so be it, i do have great fun races and thats what counts.

And what exactly is just right?

It’s not the same for everyone. My point was some of you are never happy.

The listened to feedback and made the festival playlist more accessible, now it’s too easy.

So they listen to feedback and people complain. They don’t listen to feedback and the same people are complaining.

At some point, some of you need to realize that they can’t make everything perfect for everyone and there need to be compromises.

The game design doesn’t revolve around specfic people whom seem to think it does.

The game isn’t perfect by any means and it has flaws, but we shouldn’t be complaining when a change is requested and that change is made.


I know you haven’t been replying directly to me, but how did we get to argy-bargy about whether Festival Playlist is too easy now or not?
Trial being locked behind Hall of Fame and that being seen as some kind of progression? I admit, I didn’t know this until it came up in this thread, but that seems like a totally different question of progress vs progress in the main campaign/story (for what that is).

I agree that Trial shouldn’t be locked behind Hall of Fame (which itself should be open to everyone after unlocking all Festival [discipline] Sites), and if they wanted to lock Trial behind something it would have made more sense to have it as the ‘final’ season event - unlocked per season if you have completed ##% of the seasons points.
Otherwise, isn’t it kind of a nothing debate? Festival Playlist is so close to being the same as FH4 that it’s hardly worth the time to discuss.

The Trial used to be unlocked from the start as part of the playlist in FH4. Some people complained that it made it too hard to get to 100% of the playlist, so it was changed to 80%. Those same people then complained that requiring online activity shouldn’t be part of the playlist Now some of those same people are complaining that it’s too easy to get to the Hall of Fame.

So, long story short, the same people complain until things change and then complain again when they aren’t to their liking.

I kind of agree it’s too sudden but then again you only unlock them. It’s not like you completed all the final events of Horizon on day 2 of playing the game unless you chose to do exactly that.

From a narrative point of view it feels a bit silly that simply driving around the map twice and doing less than 10 races of
any kind got me to hall of fame but eh… all of that was really to just start the game. We do arrive as ‘superstars’ already so any kind of rags to riches tale was never suggested in such way.

I guess you’re right? You could probably jump into any thread and say the same, so I guess I’m missing the relevance here.
Anyhow, carry on :slight_smile: