Festival Playlist events and rewards Apr. 7-14 (Autumn S6)

Guys. any suggestions for getting the weekly Mazda thing to work again? I cannot get it to re-trigger for some odd reason.

Nice little tune for the Bugatti, did the trick easy, thanks !


Some people have luck buying a brand new car off the Autoshow floor, if you haven’t already tried that.

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Had a rammer in a fast Civic do a really good job of slowing my team down in the trial. Had to do all 3 races but started up front on race 3 so had a clear run to victory after 2nd and 4th place finishes in the first couple. Used the BMW 2002. I would have slowed 2nd place down but we were already winning and I did not like that team. :smile:


Sometimes I get a team that just gets me riled up and I don’t feel like helping them out either.

the odd thing is if I search for the event in the eventlabs catalogue manualy I can play it but it don’t register for the playlist…

I wasted some minutes of my lifetime and I wrote a support ticket about this…
with no hope to its getting fixed…

wow I found a solution in another forum-thread thats works if you are on PC

tested and works fine

Didn’t work and now I have too many Miatas.

Sell them in auction and then let’s see if people who buy them manage to do weekly with those.

5 attempts at the Trial so far this season and 5 victories without needing the 3rd race. The AI is definitely nerfed a little bit this week. Might occasionally have one or two that get away, but most people are able to at least score. the 1991 BMW M3 with tune by Waznewz is a good one. Not the highest top speed but it has great handling in the wet conditions.


Lotus Elise GT, Kapien PL tune

Trial was ok on the 3rd attempt managed to find a team that knew what being in a team meant the previous 2 attempts got players whose sole aim was to be in front of me faster on the straights maybe but totally chaotic on the corners, one of them spun out and decided he needed to reverse into my path to recover.

The d class cult classics championship was a doddle in my Morris minor won all 3 races easily.

In case anyone needs it today’s photo daily is where the Cascadas danger sign is, nowhere near where the actual sign for it indicates on the map.


Treasure Hunt auto-completed after finishing 30th or better (2nd) in The Eliminator, painter hoodie remains locked.

Restarted, upgraded Gremlin, drove 200+ MPH, Treasure Challenge Complete confirmation and treasure shown as discovered on map, painter hoodie still locked…

Used an old favourite in the '97 Civic for the Trial, wasn’t pleasant navigating through the field with it being FWD and losing out at the start but once it got going it cut through everyone like butter.

Some utter fool in a 190E appeared to only use RT + A in the races as they were all over the place and slammed into walls on every single corner, they must have been doing it on purpose as they were 2 stars + 360 odd but who knows with this game’s general player base?

Other than waiting for a gap big enough to pass and make sure I could get enough distance that I wouldn’t risk getting T-boned off that clown in the next corner on Estadio it was a straightforward Trial.

I was behind the waterfall where the statues were in the story mission. I was waiting until the event was available thinking I would see the statues appear but they didn’t. I still took a photo anyway and got the point

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Yeah. I just took a photo of the waterfall itself.

Had the ‘eventlabs not available’ problem on Series X, and couldn’t fix it.Luckily i still have the One S and managed to do them on that. Still,not great if you only have Series X and encounter the bug

Finally had a Trial this week that required doing the 3rd race. Three AI in Estadio Circuit were on rails and uncatchable. It didn’t matter that one teammate couldn’t score. We did well and handily won in the 2nd race. By the 3rd race the worst two teammates dropped out. We won that one 1-2-3-5. It’s like the AI gradually forgot how to win throughout that attempt.


Did the eliminator challenge easily with my usual trick find a good place to hide and just wait finished 19th by just staying in the beetle in the same place let the arena shrink until I was eliminated by it.

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I actively sought out someone to challenge. I was in a Level 3 Audi and challenged a Level 5 Bronco. Beat it and eventually made it to the top 15 in a L7 Bronco before getting beat because I hit a rock in the scrub brush area.