Festival Accolades Point to Point Events

i remember some talk about these point to point events around here and i can not find the topic anymore

they are all pretty easy to achieve and all of them work!

a couple things to point out:

~ pin the event then fast travel to the start area.
the pinned event will be shown on the left side of the screen with a timer and if your in the right starting area a checkmark will appear for the starting area
once you find the starting area set a waypoint to the area you want to go to
the starting area is pretty large and you can gain speed in most of them before the timer starts to count down

~ the house at Los Jardines
there is a round about south of the Eliminator area.
this house is south of the roundabout on the cut through street
there is an XP board there too

~ “Day Trip” accolade (bugged? / i found a way around the bug)
the final area for this one is at the rock formations at the eliminator
this one for me always cancelled if i crossed the bridge (west of the eliminator) heading to the entrance of the Valle Del Las Ranas (the rock structure area at the eliminator)
so, after the speed zone and before the bridge cut north into the trees and come in from the west side, not on the main road at the southern main entrance of the rock structure

~ Game Time accolade
these points are marked with 2 small grey icons in the northern city/neighborhood area (you may have to zoom in to see them)
a graduation hat for the college(just east of center) and a baseball bat and ball for the stadium (south east corner)

~ Guanajuato Starting point
this starting point is near the Born Fast and Tunnel Run events
but, sometimes it would not trigger so, fast travel or drive away from the area and fast travel back to the area close to the born fast event and look for the checkmark on the pinned info

if needed i can post some more info to help those who are stuck with them
but, the above where the more difficult ones to figure out

these where pretty fun to figure out and do
. a little to easy for some, i completed a couple of the long timed ones with 2 1/2 minutes left

maybe the devs can add some more of these!

I was asking about this and I was wondering where the house was too