Ferrari Horizon Edition cars

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s noticed the obvious lack of Horizon Edition cars in the Ferrari section. I reckon there could be though; the 458S, LaFerrari, FXX-K, etc would be great as Horizon Editions. Could there be Ferrari Horizon Edition cars in the works?

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Definitely not for this game but maybe in future titles. Id be willing to bet that HE cars dont show up in future titles though.

On a related side note there’s obviously money being paid by manufacturers for the privilege of having HE cars in the game. Ford and Lamborghini have definitely been on Forza’s A-List for a few years now, this is made even more obvious by the games’ covers. It’s actually quite sickening how many HE cars have a Ford badge. I love Ford but the romance they have with Forza these days is just obnoxious.

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That’s not how licensing works.

Some manufacturers were simply more keen to the concept than others. There’s no need to make a conspiracy theory out of it.


Completely serious: Its cool that you called me out. What may make sense to me is one thing but when “Forza staff” replies I guess I should listen. Serious question: You’re saying ford/lamborgini didnt have to pay a dime to be on the cover of games? How were the HE cars chosen and why are there so many Ford HE cars?

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I’d always assumed it was something to do with Ferrari themselves.

Look at how long it took for customisation for Ferrari cars to be added to a game. Hell, many years ago, Enzo Ferrari himself refused to make them in any colour other than red. If there was a non red Ferrari during that era, it had been painted by the dealer.

Granted, I’m not sure a Liberty Walk kit was the best choice if you want Ferrari to be more open to having there cars altered in games…

I can’t think of a time when you couldn’t get a Ferrari in one of a myriad of colors, this is probably an Urban legend.

Rosso Corsa is, admittedly, the most popular color these days but back in the 60s not so much.

The time hes speaking of is a long time ago, when Enzo Ferrari was still alive, many of the Ferrari’s we call classic today like the F50, F40, 512 TR, etc. were available in 3 colors, a black, a yellow, and a red.

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Takeaway: Never assume you know anything about a subject unless you have direct knowledge of it. It’s not every day that someone who actually knows will be around to dispel false assumptions. Unchallenged assumptions can take on a viral nature that leads to ‘conventional wisdom’ that is based on bad information. Bad info is bad for everyone. Users and communities are better off if they start by asking for confirmation of a theory rather than making an uninformed claim, especially one that maligns someone else’s reputation.


Agree with all you say here Max. The Forza community has been asking for confirmation on a wide variety of topics for years and unfortunately there has usually been little to no response from those with actual knowledge. Glad to see that there does seem to be an increased emphasis on interacting and communicating with the community here recently. I only hope this trend continues and becomes the norm from now on.


I agree as well. These assumptions lead to things like the “FH3 Porsche Expansion” becoming a reality.

It also leads to many of the other unfounded rumors that have floated around these forums.


This was so well stated and true.

Note how all 3 2017 Fords have a HE variant. 2 of them were also given a special livery for VIPs.


I saved you the trouble.

Not every car brand is okay with letting a game showcase unofficial “special editions”. There’s no backroom deal going on here that wouldn’t have happened already with literally any other HE edition vehicle.

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VIPs have never been given HE cars with special liveries, they were all normal versions.

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That’s what I meant, 2 of the 2017 Fords.

I’d bet it was Ferraris unwillingness for their cars to be presented in ways they don’t see fit. Remember Deadmau5(can’t remember the right spelling) and his Purrari?


I followed that myself for quite a while. A darn shame that Ferrari had to embarrass themselves like that.

I respect Ferarri but that legal fiasco was the equivalent of the snobby rich kid in the school yard telling the friendly, popular class president to stop putting stickers on the backpack made in a factory the rich kid’s dad manages.

some porsches would be nice too

There’s plenty of other significant makes that aren’t featured like Aston, Mitsubishi, Cadillac, Lotus, Koenigseggeggeegg…

Remember the FM6 Team Forza cars? Ten of them (in the 10th Anniv. Pack at least), nine of which had a special livery, one was just black with a small logo along the sides.

Guess which brand had their car featured that different way?

Disobeying Max here, but given Ferrari’s track record of hating visual modifications to their cars (Deadmau5’s Purrari for example, another being no visual mods for the Ferraris in NFS 2015 except for the 458 having the GTLM kit), I’m not surprised to see Ferrari saying no to having one of their cars with a non-factory color, aftermarket rims, and Horizon-lettered tires, no matter how truly minor of an effect they may really have.

Frankly I’m still surprised even after all this time that the Liberty Walk kit for the 458 is in here.

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