Ferrari F50 Class S800 Build

Hello Everyone
I have been enjoying playing through the career mode and attempting running all my own builds and tunes with varied partial success.
I only use internal view while racing and have AI setting Pro.
I’m now playing with all assists off apart from auto gear change.
I’m now struggling with my really poor setups and the cars are becoming more unstable and very snappy on the brakes.
I would really appreciate any help your able to give with my latest build.
I’m trying to get the setup tuned for circuits and grip, I know you can tune for particular tracks but I’m trying to tune the car so that its competitive on numerous tracks with a good setup.
I haven’t yet ventured into the online racing because I wanted to get to a standard where I’m not a complete liability in the race.
If there are any teams willing to take me in that would be great.
I’m more than willing to put time into improving my racing and I would like get my head round chassis tuning and car building.
I spent hours chasing #1 Bounty Hunter challenge but it was to quick a time for me at the end.
I’m intending putting in lot of laps chasing the #2 Bounty Hunter Challenge using a stock MP4-12C although the car is let’s say a little tricky I really want to get my first BH If its possible.
Please feel free to add me as a friend.