Ferrari F12 "Dinamica" - It's good to be back

Don’t know if anyone will recognise the name, but I used to play Forza on my 360 under the name KiltedCobra. I’ve missed the game but especially the painting, so it’s great to be back in it. Feels like I never left!

Here is my first attempt at a realistic special edition of the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, called the F12 Dinamica. I’ve always loved how the airflow is directed over the bonnet and down the sides of the car, so wanted to highlight this. Also added some white accents around the car to compliment it’s existing features. I wasn’t going for fantasy or outrageous on this one, just something that you could realistically see on some special edition of the car.

I can see them now, looks good!

Thanks, I’ve now fixed them!

Thanks AquaPainter, I’ll fix that now the post has been posted

Welcome back KiltedCobra or LiamRampant. What do you prefer to be called? I like the Italian themed livery on that Ferrari! Pretty sweet. I hope to see more pieces added to your gallery soon. Seem’s like the painters bug has taken it’s fair share of bites recently lol.