Ferrari 812 Superfast & Rimac C2

Looking for a Ferrari 812 Superfast and a Rimac Concept 2 if anyone has one they would like to sell

Hi i will get u one rimac c 2 i wiull only sell for max buyout tho

Rimac is 80% for all 4 seasons if you can get to it.

I sent you a pm Boglet07

I didn’t know that tsujen, thank you very much for your help :blush: I also just found out that the 812 is a reward for the businesses in starcard.

I really hope they put the 812 as a Seasonal reward or back in the Forza shop. I do not have the talent or the time to 3 star every Business story and I missed it when it was first on the Forza shop.

I really dont like when content is locked behind a skill wall, for some people its just as bad as a pay wall. I paid my money for this game I should be able to access ALL of the content i paid for

I did see an 812 up for sale in the auction house for about 2 seconds, wasn’t quck enough to buy it.
But I do understand that to make the game more long term playable some vehicles have to be difficult to get. Still I really want the 812.
The rimac is a total beast