Ferrari 812 Superfast Rarity

Despite being a Forzathon exclusive with a credit value well over 1 million, this car is rated as Common and therefore has only 8 low-tier skill perks available. This feels like it should be Legendary, or Epic at the very least.

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Yeah playground and turn 10 are rather ridiculous with there lack of consistency and arbitrary reward system. The 812 is a special car to be sure but none more so than half the other prancing horses in the stables. They need to add it to the autoshow and cut out the gimmick gaming bs. Had I realized cars like the 812 and the aventador sv were going to be so sparsely allocated, I wouldn’t have auctioned mine way back when I was working my way through the stories. They have so many little details that need to be addressed its really getting quite frustrating.


Well it’s no longer a common. Now its legendary

It’s ridiculous they haven’t made it available again in the Forzathon shop for all of us that missed it.

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they pop up in the AH regularly and quite cheap. you can get them easy enough mate same as the capri.

I never see it and anytime I ask someone on here what they want for one they want 20m

Well i got 2 superfasts (also saw 1 more which i was not fats enough to buy) and 4 lambos SV since this friday (5 days), all of which i found random on AH. It is possible to find one for sure.

Edit: got one more 812 yesterday…

I’ve been looking for weeks the 812, Capri FE and porsche 911 GT3 RS&PO. I only saw the 812 and the Capri FE one time, and obviously I haven’t been fast enough.
Maybe it depends on my time zone, but for me those cars when I look for them are practically non-existent. Some, as the porsche, I wonder if they really appears in AH. :frowning:

Everything seems to be ridiculous these days

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I’ve had 2 sniped while trying to do a trade. It definitely needs to be put back in the Forzathon shop or as a prize car. Or Free!!!

Both 812 Superfast and the Colorado ZR2 will make a return eventually, most probably through Forzathon Shop, or a special event.

To give it for free would be a huge mistake as it would throw away the effort of everybody who got it before. Doesn’t even make sense to give such a rare car for free anyway, because well… they’re rare.

Sniping one from the AH is not an easy task, but if you have the time and patience to search it multiple times in a row (for hours if you don’t get lucky), then it’s the most effective way. I manage to do it, so I know it’s far from impossible, but it will take many searches and you have to be quick in the buyout as soon as you see it listed!

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I don’t think anyone is asking for it to be free but at least make it available in the Forzathon shop again for those of us that either hadn’t unlocked the Forzathon shop yet or weren’t playing it yet.

Lord Brewster did, right above my answer. It shouldn’t even be something a player think about.

And the car will come back eventually. As I said, the most effective way right now is to get it through the Auction House, as nobody knows when it will come back, and what will be the way to obtain it.

Yeah, the 812 and Aventador 16 are the only cars i want and both are wheelspin and Forzathon. I check everytime i log in to see if any are in the auction house and as usual none can be found. It’s pathetic, i’ve completed every race, event, story mission and activity in the base game and DLC and i haven’t got either from the hundreds of wheelspins i’ve got. All i get is junk and i’m sick of it, there’s nothing for me to do on this game now

Might be worth it if it didn’t sound like absolute poo :confused: I have 2 of them btw. 1 stock, and one upgraded.

Trophy, STOP lapping up the 812’s, if you’ve got one, leave it at that, some of us are STILL trying to get the bleeding thing!

Some people are just a-holes, that guy is one of them.

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I hope the people that want the car because they genuinely like it get the car.

lol @ those that only want it because it’s rare.

Rarest car in the game imo

I went for it as its the only verison you can get of the italia GTB from gta 5 without it bouncing all over the place ala here

and then I go to look for it in forza, and its the rarest bleeding car in the game lol like WHAT?!! lol