Ferrari 458 wide body

How come they removed the wide body on the 458? Are we going to get it in a later update? Can we get a wide body for the 488? And the ability to put a v12 on the 488 since we can already do it on the 448?

I am very curious as well if we will see this in the future or if there is some reason it was removed. Everything else and more have been included. Maybe some sort of mistake? I realized last night i didn’t have one yet. And went to upgrade heroes and there are NO FERRARI WIDE BODY KITS???
So needless to say I’m here writing this comment. The game is [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] amazing though!! Thank you turn 10!!

I’m very unhappy about this. This was already included in the previous game. It makes no sense.

One thing could be that Ferrari told them to remove it, or else …

I have heard in many places before that Ferrari are very tricky to work with and I should imagine they don’t want aftermarket kits being used on their cars on games.
I know there was a story about someone that wanted to do something to their Ferrari and when he did it Ferrari told him he’s not aloud to buy another Ferrari again.